My Secret

Last year my life changed. I had finally figured out that I was a bisexual guy. It felt great knowing and not questioning myself anymore. I had experimented with being a top and fingering myself as a bottom. My love for both made me feel amazing but I felt that there was something missing.

I had watched a large amount of bisexual and gay porn so I knew how to suck cock and take a dick. Thats when it dawned on me. I needed a dildo! I looked on all of the online stores and was sure that i wanted a big dildo that could pulsate up the shaft.

However, I couldnt find one for a reasonable price. My stepmom had recently left and so it was just me and my dad. She had left a lot of stuff behind and I knew that she had used toys. While my dad was at work, I crept i to the bedroom and opened my stepmom's old cabinet. I pulled out CD cases and paper files until I struck gold.

There was a small plastic bag in the back of the cabinet with a pink dildo sticking out of the top. I pulled the bag and the giant toy out of the cabinet before revealing the true size of this pink pleasure tool. It had an extra arm that, after a quick internet search, I learned to be for vibrating a womans clit. There was a small panel on the handle of the toy, with different buttons. I pressed one and it began to vibrate the extra arm. Each time I pressed the button the vibration got more intense until after one final press, it stopped.

The other button interested me more. I pressed this button and rdges inside the shaft began to pulsate and give the illusion of moving up. This was what I had wanted all along! I placed the dildo back into the bag and took it into my room. My dad wouldn't be back for a couple of hours and I decided to try out my new toy. I placed the giant tip into my mouth and slowly began putting more and more past my lips.

This thing was at least 9 inches long and I knew I would gag eventually. However I kept going and I felt the tip in my throat. I managed a tiny bit more before I gagged and took it out of my throat. I had gotten to the base of the vibrating arm, which was probably 7 inches down the shaft. I considered that a win.

I knew what came next and was more than prepared. I reached under my bed and grabbed my bottle of lube. Squirting it all over the pink shaft, I also put some on and around my asshole. Excited and nervous, I grabbed the handle and reached it round between my cheeks. I rubbed the tip of the dildo on my asshole and my taint. This felt amazing and made sure I was ready for the final step.

I brought the tip back to my asshole and gently began to push. I felt the pressure build until suddenly, it released and the tip was in me. Now there was nothing holding me back. I slowly pushed further inside and before long, the base of the vibrating arm was touching my taint.

Now the real fun would begin. I fet around for the pulsate button and found it. I clicked it in rapid succession to put it at max and instantly felt myself lose control of my body. My asshole was in control and it wanted more. I bent the vibrating arm as much as i could and felt the enter my asshole now. I had taken the entirity of the dildo and only the handle was sticking out. I pressed the vibration button and with the arm pressed against my prostate, felt anoyher wave of pleasure course through me.

I carefully rolled onto my back and grabbed ahold of the handle. I was now fucking myslef with my dildo and I couldnt get enough. However, The vibrations on my prostate and the pulsation in my rectum were going to make me cum. I stuck my ass and legs up into the air and as my legs tensed, I aimed my cock at my face.

Cum exploded from my tip and splattered all over my face. Some went into my mouth and I tasted great. Lowering my legs, I pulled the dildo from my self and grabbed my phone. I wanted to see my asshole gaped. I reached down and snapped some pics. The results pleased me to no end. Where my normal asshole had once been, there was a gaping black hole. I had satisfied myslef for now and wanted to be ready for next time. I rinsed the dildo off and placed it back into the bag. I hid it in my closet and then headed for the shower. Ever since I have been fucking myslef with my dildo every night and I have loved every minute.