May 12, 2020

VPS vs. Dedicated: Which Hosting Suits your Business Needs?

In today’s digital era, when businesses are leaving no stone unturned in augmenting their online footprint, an impressive website is a must-have. And, for an excellent website, you need a reliable hosting solution. Businesses that have outgrown shared hosting often consider VPS hosting India or dedicated server as a viable hosting solution. You must understand the differences between the two to choose a solution that best fits your business needs. In this blog, we will make clear the differences between VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting to help you select a suitable host.

VPS Hosting

In a VPS hosting solution, your website is hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). A VPS is created when a large physical server is partitioned into smaller, virtual servers using a hypervisor. Every virtual server (also called a virtual machine) operates in an isolated environment and runs with a fixed set of resources. A VPS hosting India, therefore, offers the environment of a dedicated server in the price range of a shared server. In VPS hosting, you get sole access to the server. As a result, you have control over server software and operating system. There can, however, be some restrictions on customization because of the configuration of the physical server. VPS hosting offers access to the performance of the hardware at a fraction of the price of the dedicated server

Dedicated Server Hosting

Whereas, in a dedicated server hosting, the entire physical server is dedicated to a single client as the name suggests. The client has access to all the resources of the server .i.e. network access, memory, processing power, and storage. Dedicated server hosting India also offers root access. For this reason, it delivers superior speed and performance. They are ideal for websites that consistently require high resource input. While dedicated server hosting may offer tremendous benefits in terms of speed, security, control, and customization, it is among the most expensive hosting options available in the marketplace and, hence, necessitates a careful deliberation. Besides, dedicated servers aren’t easy to scale.

VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Server: The Final Verdict

First, it is important to remember that a small business may not need the entire set of resources offered in dedicated server hosting. A website with a steady stream of low-to-moderate web traffic may be able to fulfill its needs from a virtual private server.

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solutions are competitively priced and allow small businesses to keep their IT budget in check. No wonder, dedicated servers are mostly chosen by enterprise-level companies.

A key aspect to consider while choosing servers is growth and expansion. Are you planning to scale? If yes, how will your resource requirement change in the next 2-3 years? Your hosting plan should offer the flexibility to scale up and down. Don’t choose a solution that is optimally priced now but will not scale later. If you invest in a

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solution, you will always pay for the same set of resources. So, in case your needs reduce over time, you may end up wasting money. Security, speed, flexibility, and configuration needs should be prioritized while purchasing a solution.