June 22, 2020

Making money is easy

Good day, my name is Julia!

I do not position myself as a Mega-trader a multi-billionaire, I am just a person who publishes paid signals for free and makes money on it together with his subscribers, is it interesting or looking for a catch? Read on.

Surely you noticed that we have a closed channel in which I post signals daily to certain currency pairs, through which we earn.

I want to inform you that you can try yourself in trading.

You may ask, "What is your benefit in helping for free?" This is a question that I receive daily from a lot of news and this is normal.

As I said, most of the signals that I post on my channel are the buyer. Signature cost for signals is up to 500-1000 dollars per week / month. Accordingly, at such sites I buy subscriptions and information in a closed channel.

But the question comes up from here, what is the point of publishing to me for free?

As everyone can see, when you register on the trading platform using my affiliate link and during registration, you automatically become my partner.
Then from each active trader I get a fixed amount of remuneration. I want to emphasize that the amount is fixed and only for the active trader who spent a sufficient amount of time on the trading floor. Accordingly, it is in my interests that the subscribers of the private channel do not merge their hard-earned 20 bucks on the first day, but remain in the long-term plus.

I spend money from the loyalty program on the purchase of paid subscriptions, as well as the development of the channel, which ensures mutually beneficial cooperation.

Now let's get to action!

I’ll make a reservation right away - I don’t take any fees for entering the privat, I don’t do any promotion and I don’t spend paid lessons.

All you need to get access in private

1. Register on the trading platform - (Click)

2. Next: After registration, you need to open an account on the platform and replenish your balance for trading. The amount of the deposit depends only on you and your capabilities, it doesn’t matter to me how much you start.

3. And the last: in order to gain access to the group, you need to write to me in PM, tell your ID on the site and the deposit amount in your account: @richtraderjulia