Why take the Lymphatic massage

It was such a shock when a family member was diagnosed with lymphoma, a large marble-sized hard rock lump in the neck! The hard part afterwards was trying to figure out the best course of action. We have always leaned towards natural remedies and have gratefully been steered towards a naturopath who has done lymphatic massage, ionic foot baths and pure vitamins, minerals and herbs.

I learnt about the benefits of Lymphatic Massage here:

The lymphatic system is intimately linked to the circulatory system. You could consider having red blood and white blood, the lymphatic system being the white one. It works as it were;

Red blood cells carry nutrients and oxygen to all body cells. The blood collects impurities, too. These impurities have to be going somewhere. It is here that the lymphatic system comes in. These impurities, like proteins, viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, etc., are absorbed into the plasma and are filtered throughout the body by the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system’s job is to eliminate those impurities safely.

If you have obstruction and the pools of water and slowly pick up more and more debris, it may or may not get to where it needs to go and get more and more obstructed. If you don't take care of it your lymphatic system can get this way.

There are things you can do to prevent blocked lymph nodes or to unclog them. You can go to a licensed massage therapist who gets lymph massage training. Note that the lymphatic system is very close to the skin surface, so massage is very light pressure, almost no skin indentation. Lymphatic system can be damaged by too much pressure. Proper massage may increase circulation and increase the blood flow and oxygen to the body, increasing the defenses of the bodies themselves for Reversing Diabetes.

Lymphatic massage machines are capable of penetrating the skin and oxygenating the system, increasing circulation, unblocking blockages, regenerating cells and helping to smooth the skin from wrinkles and blemishes. The lymphatic system has to flow freely to ensure a body is in balance.

It was incredible when my family member was getting lymph massage. She would immediately start draining, as soon as the massager was placed around the infected area. Her eyes would run away with water and her nose, and you could hear gurgling sounds in her neck. The big blockage eventually disappeared and she has had a clean health bill for the past four years now.

I also saw images of a woman who had lymphedema (severe swelling in her legs) before and afterwards. Therapies for lymph massage cleared the obstruction and all the swelling in her legs went down to near normal over time. The pictures before and after had been incredible! I 'd love to meet this woman but she'd been done long before we came for treatment. Sometimes, I still think about her.

I know the work of lymphatic massage, because I saw it with my own eyes. Also, a wonderful by-product of using a lymph massage is that it can help clear the teint, because it oxygenates the skin thoroughly and is used in the county's salons and day spas.