February 4, 2021

Application Areas of Solar Lights

One of the major breakthroughs in technology is solar lights which bring a lot of benefits to the table. Evolved from an alternative to traditional energy sources, solar power is now viewed as a cost-effective solution.

Solar Lights

Solar-powered lightings or solar lights are a new and advanced technology that is affordable and incomparable to the conventional methods of lighting. Solar lights work on the principle of converting solar energy into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells absorb the energy of the sun during the daytime and convert it into electrical energy in the absence of the sun.

Application areas of the solar lighting system

From different companies and vendors, numerous forms of solar lights are available for sale. Though they seem pretty identical, the area of application is entirely different.

Some of the popular application areas are as follows:

Outdoor application:

Acquiring massive recognition lately, outdoor solar lightings result in brighter light and are capable of working efficiently up to 10 hours after being completely charged.

  1. Solar garden lights: Generally used to light up the garden area, porch, or terrace, these garden lights create a pleasant environment at night without worrying about pricy electricity bills.
  2. Solar fence lights: If you want to illuminate your garden or impress your neighbors, solar fence lights are your best option.
  3. Solar walkway lights: Popularly known as solar pathway lights, these not only create a pleasing ambiance but also provide a safe and lightened up walkway.
  4. Solar street lights: Highly affordable and a long-run investment, these lights are completely wireless and a perfect solution for the lighting problems in remote areas.
  5. Solar post lights: By eliminating carbon footprint, these post lights create a relaxing and secure atmosphere in any outdoor environment.
  6. Solar parking lot lights: Many businesses and industrial facilities use these solar LED lights for the purpose of security and sustainability and give an environment- friendly perception to the business.

Indoor application:

Suitable for an indoor area, these kinds of lights can illuminate your home or office for several hours. Indoor solar lights are extensively used as an emergency power source for indoors. These LED lights are provided with a solar panel and an in-built battery. Some commonly used indoor solar LED lights are listed below:

  1. Solar tube lights: By harnessing the light of the sun through a dome, these solar tube lights brighten up the indoors through a tube-like structure.
  2. Solar shed lights: With the fast charging capability of just 10 hours, solar shed light comes with a motion sensor.
  3. Solar desk lamps: Comes with an innovative no-chord design, solar desk lamps are portable and can be used anytime and anywhere you go. Generally used in the reading areas, these solar lamps are energy-efficient and offer a self-charging feature.

Solar lights aim at harnessing solar energy and converting it into something revolutionary. These lights not only provide a pleasing ambiance but are the most secure alternative to traditional energy sources. Solar LED lights are the perfect option for lightening outdoor remote areas with minimal effort and low cost. As an eco-friendly alternative, it is a long term investment that is acceptable by nature as well as the humans.