Перепродажа электронных продуктов на eBay

Тема имеющая огромное количество вариаций, но имеющая общую концепцию покупки электронных ключей за низкую цену с дальнейшей перепродажей на ebay

Имеет вариации как с ключами для игр Steam, так и с электронными продуктами Microsoft и прочих

Hello, thanks for commenting/liking and being a good member of the community. I hope you will like this simple and easy method. It will definitely make you some money!

So to start with, this method is autopilot. You will be reselling Windows ,Office and maybe even some antivirus DIGITAL keys. No, this is not saturated, you can always find places to sell.

1. Find websites where you will sell on. Be creative and find your own marketplaces but here are some sites that you can use:

- https://www.hood.de/

- https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/

- https://www.ebay.fr/

- https://www.ebay.co.uk/

and many more! Do some research on the prices and see if it is profitable or not.

2. Find your supplier, where you will buy your keys from. There are many suppliers on Nulled (Look at the premium seller marketplace) who come as low as 0,8 - 1.5$ per Windows key. To save money you can buy codes with a 10 times activation time and just sell it 10 times as a single activation code.

3. Create your product, make it look nice. This is important, the more professional and legit it will look the more you can earn. Make a nice description, stating that the key will be lifetime and wont expire. Don't just grab a random image from Google, be creative with your product images.

3. Earn money

Optional, you can buy cheap advertisements on websites so your product will be at the top of the list but this is not necessary at all. Start with a low price and once you gain more trust/reviews higher your price. This will be easy. You can sell on any site, for sites that come in languages you don't speak, just use Google Translate. It's not that hard.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!