Торговля BTC с заработком на разнице


First of all I just want to say that this method works 100%!!!!
Read this very carefully and you can make 100$ every 2-3 hours on
The method is very easy to implement and very easy to understand.
Ive been using this for more then 8 months and has made my a lot
of profit,keep reading and you will understand how easy it is to
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So what are we going to do?

We are going to do some crypto arbitrage:
Buy on exchange A and sell it on exchange B for big profits.

You can make 15+- $ every 10-20 minutes!

The method:

Step 1

First you should sign up with this crypto exchanges:

Why should you sign up with this exchanges?

Because these exchanges are simply the best:

Exchange 1: https://www.kucoin.com/
1 min sign up, B+ security,verified exchange,low fees,nr 6 on
volume,the best referral program.

Exchange 2: https://paxful.com
BTC exchange, secure wallet, buy btc with: card,bank
transfer,western union,paypal,gift cards etc

Step 2

Go here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/neo/#markets

As you can see we can buy NEO at 0.001489 btc on exchange 1

Send 0.02 btc to exchange 1 and buy 13 NEO!
13 Neo = 0.0193 btc

As you can see the exchange bellow you can sell your NEO for
0.0016700 btc!

Send those 13 neo to the exchange above witch is coindeal.com and
sell it!
13 NEO = 0.0016700x13= 0.02171 btc

Profit: 0.02171-0.0193=0.00241 btc
0.00241 btc= 27$ pure profit

So why am I using NEO?
Because it has high TPS,the transfer is much faster than eth and
btc!!!(2 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the exchange)
No transfer fee’s

Short method:

Send btc to exchange 1 or exchange 2!
Buy NEO!
As I shown you above ive bought on exchange A Neo with 0.001489
and sold it on exchange B with 0.0016700 with a profit of
0.0024=27$ in less then 10 minutes!!!

Things you need to know:

Always look here for the price diference:

Always check on coinmarketcap if the exchange has strange

When you send NEO there are no fee’s involved but when you send
btc the exchange will get +-0.0005 btc 1-3$!

Make sure the exchange is international!