September 16, 2019

Hemophilia Market Development Trends & Competitive Analysis by Leading Industry Players

Global Hemophilia Market: Overview

Genetic bleeding disorder is termed as hemophilia. It a syndrome where the patients lacks necessary proteins required to clot the blood. This eventually leads to cases of internal bleeding. The frequency and magnitude of bleeding depends upon the severity of the hemophilia in the patient. Majorly there are two types of hemophilia that are commonly found in people namely, Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B. Out of these two, Hemophilia A is four times more prevailing Hemophilia B. The ratio of the patients globally is around one in every five patients for Hemophilia A. Looking at severity of the disorder, many business players are focusing on R&D which shall allow them to launch new drugs in order to provide necessary blood clotting proteins to the patients. This has created a major growth in the drug production in the global hemophilia market recently.

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Global Hemophilia Market: Notable Developments

  • Shire Plc. is considered as the most progressive organization of global Hemophilia market. In June 2016, the business acquired Baxalta. This acquisition is was a major step in order to expand Shire Plc. business and possible profit margine.
  • In March 2016, Baxalta filed a marketing authorization application for Adynovi with EMA. This application is under regulatory evaluation in Switzerland. Once completed, the company shall have all the marketing right for the product of Aynovi.

Several prominent players dominate the global hemophilia market. These players are adopting strategies such as mergers, collaborations, and partnerships in order to stay ahead of their rivals in the global hemophilia market. Some of the business players are also acquiring various small and medium scale businesses in order to enhance their resource pool and customer base. These strategies also offer a competitive edge to the players, which can be very crucial in such a highly competitive market.

Some of the major players of global hemophilia market are Baxalta, CSL Behring, Pfizer, Inc., Bayer Healthcare, BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc., Biogen, and Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.

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Global Hemophilia Market: Key Drivers

The rising need of hemophilia medicines in order to cater to the crucial medicinal requirement to limit blood loss is one of the prime growth factor for the global hemophilia market. Also, unavailability of any firm cure that can completely eliminate the disorder from the body of patients is also influencing the growth of global hemophilia market.

The growth of global hemophilia market is also attributed to the augmented focus on intense research and development in order to provide more efficient drugs for the patients. Major technological advancements in the healthcare sector is also one of the major parameter that is responsible for the growth of global hemophilia market. Finally, the race to capture maximum opportunities by the players is also a prime reason supporting the growth of global hemophilia market.

Global Hemophilia Market: Regional Analysis

North America is likely to dominate various other regions across the globe in hemophilia market. The growth in the region shall be attributed to major technological advancements that are driving the healthcare sector in the region. Also, various research and developments activities happening in the regions by various players located in North America is also a key factor that makes the region a leader of hemophilia market across the globe.