November 25, 2019

The Woman And The Feeling That Changed My Life

Chapter 1 (The Voice)

I never thought a feeling or a person could change me this badly, never really expected this much of a change.... I expected sweet not sour, expected care not hate, expected love not pain....

You know they do say love doesn't have any limits or age.... but does love approve our age? I am more than certain that law doesn't....... I mean could you imagine a 16 year old teenager could ever fall in love with a 35-year old woman, sounds crazy right? well believe it or not it happened, to me, Rick scar, your typical regular 16-year old teenager that has a PS4, a dog, mother, father, grandma, grandpa right?

......... well a few things were different.........

Not really the typical way you'd be raised, I was raised differently, different perspective, different manners, different view of the world. I got that from my dad a person that went through a lot, by a lot I mean a lot of pain, a lot of loss, but was overall blessed and saved when he met my mother, she always tells that Mum was a present. The Angel that fell from the sky and landed in my dad's hands, a woman that he loves for who she is...... but enough about Dad in my family this is a story about me Rick's car my mum's name is Lucy Scar, dad's name is John scar, dog's name Max, Max the German Shepherd.

Irregular morning in California we go there every summer, for a nice relaxing month of vacation, I also have a friend there named Justin and she just loves when we visit, we always sleep at his place, in his house two families altogether in one house, we have a good laugh, have a lot of fun, and overall just have a fantastic vacation..... at least that was the plan......

Usually we all stay together for a month but unexpected changes happen to our house we were just doing a renovation, and my parents are needed to be there. I could go with them or I could stay.... this was probably the biggest decision in my life, would I meet the love of my life or not, I didn't know I was going to meet her at the next few days, I just knew that after a while being there would be boring without my parents..... Justin got lazy after a while and didn't want to go to the beach, that was expected because he lives there, he go to the beach every single day, no wonder he would become boring after a while..... but something told me something shining in my eyes a voice that told me stay..... that was my first ever encounter with the voice, don't really know who or what it was or wear it even came from, but I really didn't feel like not listening to it, so despite all the facts I said I'll stay for another 3 weeks. that decision eventually led me to meeting her.....the love of my life

My parents begged there stuff and went back to your hometown, which by the way was in Nevada, so I stayed in Miami for another 3 weeks..... those three weeks were really boring, same old eating food, going to the beach, taking pictures going for a swim, and back home.... I mean don't get me wrong we still went to the movies, I talked with my parents every now and then, overall I was having a fun time, however after some while it became sort of boring to me.... however ONE Event changed everything, the voice came back to me at the second week. It all happened while I was asleep the craziest thing was I knew I was asleep and I could wake up at any given Point but I just wanted to know what was going on.... who or what was that voice and what did it have to do with me staying in Miami???

I couldn't see anyone or anything I was just in Pitch white but I can hear the voice it's speaking to me:

- greetings my son

- huh? you again?...who are you?? why did you tell me to stay in miami?? who sent you?? TELL ME DAMNIT !

- .........

He didn't say anything but I don't know how I could feel him smile, I say him because it was definitely a male voice

- you have no idea what you're going to go through, the life of yours my son will be so much different than from what it is now


- heheheh..... you always were a impatient one my friend always want to get the answers now always wanting everything here at this exact moment never having any patience to wait.......

- .....what the fuck are you??

I suddenly feelt like something heavy hit me in the head.... this was all so strange to me I've never felt pain in a dream before.... so what is this a Dream?? How Can I feel pain then??

So many questions were going through my head but I got interrupted by The Voice

- I shall answer one of your desired question, I am a voice of yours you may call me whatever you like, and I'm here to guide your way... but it will not be easy. it will be most difficult, full of many obstacles. sweet and sour taste many feelings both love and pain.... however if crossed correctly it will change you completely, you will become a person not recognisable by you right now..... however that all depends on you and what you do

I really didn't understand what was going on however despite all of my other questions that just kept on piling up I only asked one

- how am I supposed to know when to do what???

I feel that smile again

- what what do you have me for my son? I shall appear when the decision is needed to be made I will guide you through your road I repeat it will be most difficult, however it's safe to say that you can count on me....

The non-stop questions will feeling my head I could barely think and I felt like I was about to wake up but before I did I asked one more thing

- how my supposed to know that you are the voice that will help me have a successful life instead of completely ruining it???

I feel like this other question coming and without any hesitation, he answered

- i wish not to harm you and if you wish you may not listen to what I say..... but if you do will you regret it??? only one way to find out......


I jumped out of the bed, with my heart beat rapidly increasing by the second


-heheh, got your bitch ass....ok jokes aside it's 12 and you're still asleep


He wasn't lying it really was 12pm can barely believe it myself.... I remember the dream......I remember every single part of it...... when usually in a few hours or even a day Max I forget the dream.... this one was different I remembered it..... I couldn't forget it even if I wanted to......... what the fuck is going on with me?????