October 22, 2019

What Are the Major Benefits of Learning English Speaking Skill?

Why Is English Important

Today, the diversity in the world is remarkable and people must communicate with each other via a common language. Detailed understanding of other people’s viewpoints has become an absolute necessity and the best way to do so is by equipping yourself with English. Thanks to British colonization, the language has been around for many centuries and now constitutes the medium of instruction worldwide. It is the most widely spoken second language as both developed and developing countries make the usage of this language mandatory at the primary and secondary level. We will discuss the benefits of the language with this dissertation as to why is it such an integral part of our lives?

Importance As Second Language

First of all, English is the most understood language professionally. Research shows that it is spoken by 611 million non-native speakers in the world which emphasizes its importance among different countries. Mostly, it aids in connecting people from different parts of the world and brings them closer to educational, social and political platforms. It is the official language of 18 countries other than the United States and the United Kingdom. So, if you are travelling to spots like Bahamas and Fuji, the probability of hearing English would be quite high. As a tourist, it is better to understand the natives especially if you are in an emergency so learn English and get your passports ready!

Benefits of Being Bilingual

As a MasterPaperWriters - Professional Paper Writers it is my experience being bilingual has multiple benefits. A research conducted by psychologists in 2004 revealed that people who spoke two languages were less distracted and their brain was more functional with a clearer approach than monolinguals. Having a fluent second language can equip you to solve multiple problems and it sharpens your brain thus guaranteeing productivity. Previously, it was known that only expertise in the language could instigate advanced brain activity but recently, the researchers reckoned that it occurred even at the beginner’s level. So what’s the harm in being a tad bit smarter when it benefits you too?