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I bring to Your attention the review of a new promising IСO project: Gemstra

The idea of the project, the underlying technologies and innovations, detailed development plan, a professional team and the support of experienced consultants give a great potential success of the project Gemstra.

So, let's move on to the review of this project.

In the direct sales industry today employs more than 120 million people around the world. These people - independent sellers form multi-level network marketing (MLM) and sell products through the network of direct sales companies. During those sellers receive a commission. Trade turnover direct selling industry billions of dollars!

Direct selling industry was established in the early 1990s, when the brand empowered their sales representatives to sell their products door to door. This sales model has evolved and gained a rapid growth in the heyday of the social networking sites every year. Today, direct sales the seller is free to sell products of his company to any buyer anywhere in the world. This is due to the Internet and cross-border logistics.

And even at this level of commercial technologies, the prospects of the annual volume of the direct sales industry, estimated at more than $ 180 billion. A yearly growth rate of 10%. And this despite the fact that the market for direct sales is very centralized, closed deep in MLM corporate standards and is strongly shielded from traditional retailers.

With the advent of blockchain technology, direct sales industry comes to a completely new, unprecedented level of development, which opportunities are endless. And Gemstra project is a pioneer of this unique transformation of the direct selling industry in the digital economy blockchain.

Gemstra (or "Fund Gemstra») is blockchain ecosystem that integrates the technology of direct sales in the global economy, the traditional retail trade.

In 2017 Gemstra established its social trading platform (BOUTIQUES Marketplace). In this way, she combined retail brands with the technology of multi-level direct sales. So sellers got the freedom to choose products and brands that they want to promote.

Create a platform was a success! In just 10 months BOUTIQUES combined for 8 brands and over 3,000 merchants! A turnover amounted to more than $ 5 million in annual sales!

BOUTIQUES success prompted the creation of more innovative solutions that have enabled retailers (and not only the brand) to engage in direct sales, not transforming existing businesses.

For this Gemstra team developed for retailers, an intellectual contractual solution called ASTRA Platform. And the decision «Merchants» in ASTRA - for the integration of existing trading systems. This solution provides the use of ASTRA software open source to place their products for direct sales.

Now retailers and brands can be integrated with any number of sellers using ASTRA. Token Gemstra (GMS) - a digital token, which will provide a reward, billing, and management of direct sales. Thus ASTRA platform and token GMS will combine the retail value of $ 24 trillion and the direct selling industry! Thereby creating a huge future market unpredictable.

Gemstra plans to become a basic technological infrastructure and to capture in the future 50% of transactions in the direct selling industry around the world!

ASTRA Platform democratizes direct sales through the use of blockchain.

Subjects in the ecosystem Gemstra (Vendors, Retailers and Brands) will cooperate on an equal basis. Today, sellers are owned by direct sales, which dominate this market. And these data are carefully hidden.

Vision Gemstra was decentralization of the model due to deleveraging sellers. The decentralized architecture allows blockchain democratize information in a public book that reveals the freedom and independence to direct sales.

Brands will be able to place your catalog, which is stored in the blockchain, and control what vendors are using this directory. Merchants also offer software for brands and retailers by integrating their system with ASTRA via SDK or by deploying software with open source on the side of the seller.

Team Gemstra consists of people who believe in the blockchain technology and crypto currency. They understand what benefits technology can bring to our society (from the elimination of intermediaries and the distribution of power, the permanence of the records and full security).

The project has gathered around himself a remarkable and professional team:

To become acquainted with the biography and achievements of each team member project, You can directly on the company website or whitepaper.

The project has attracted powerful potential of experienced consultants, known for its practical and scientific achievements in related industries the crypto space.

Also see the personality of each consultant you can on the company website or whitepaper.

All the project has 6 permanent employees and 8 external advisers.

The list of developers, advisers and assistants of the project is quite large and includes many strong professionals from various allied industries. Read more with a team of Gemstra, see the relevant section of the official website.

Sufficient interest in the idea that the proposed Gemstra, also show quite high ratings in the appropriate analytical resources:

With a detailed description of the ratings can be found directly on the websites of the rating resources:


Token: GMS

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Token Supply: 16 000 000 000 GMS

For sale: 6 400 000 000 GMS (40%)

Soft cap: 3 000 000 USD

Hard cap: 18 000 000 USD

Base price: 1 GMS = 0.00385 USD

Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat

ICO Time: 01 November 2018 – 30 November 2018

Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Country: USA

Token Allocation

40% - Sale

30% - Growth

20% - Team

10% - Advisor

Use of Proceeds

38% - Marketing & Business Development

22% - Software Development

18% - Operational Expenses

12% - Reserve

5% - Legal

5% - Misc

Gemstra has a proven business that is built on the economics of direct sales. Gemstra already pays commissions to thousands of vendors. And their number is continuously growing.

Gemstra creates a living coin, which on October 1, will provide for the payment of commissions and bonuses sellers. Gemstra focus on sales growth and by the end of 2019, to reach $ 100 million in annual sales. About 30-40% (30-40 million dollars) of volume will be paid as a commission to sellers.

Given the incentive model Gemstra, we can expect that 35% commission payout will occur already in Gemstra Token (GMS).

Making an analysis of the project I think Gemstra has the potential to be a successful project. An interesting idea, to have a working business, an experienced team and the need in the market - a good foundation for the progressive development!


I hope that the collected in this article information on project Gemstra will enable you to decide on invest your own funds.

But in spite of all the advantages and prospects of the project, do not forget that to date, investment in the crypto space projects are highly risky!

Additionally, carefully and thoroughly review all project materials, links to which are listed below:

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The answers to your questions You can find in the FAQ section on the project website.


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