Roulette Strategy Plays

Why are there no perfect winning strategies for roulette?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question for you - the only way you will discover your roulette winning strategy is to try them all yourself. Fortunately for you, our real money online casino at Digibet has an instant play mode that allows players to test all of these methods and more with absolutely no risk. Also at there is a great list of casino reviews for you to learn more before betting. All you need to start playing for free is a username and password and start playing roulette online for real money today!

Are there any differences between American and European roulette?

A quick look at the layout of the roulette tables and each roulette wheel should be enough to help you see the main difference between American and European roulette. It doesn't matter whether you play roulette online or stand next to a roulette table in a traditional casino. The difference is subtle and yet clear.

Final word

Knowing how the wheel and table layout will certainly help you get a better overview of roulette, and eventually get better. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different odds and probabilities and take a look at Digibet. Then you will know everything you need to play real money online roulette. Good luck!

Which roulette strategies really work?

If you want to play roulette with a system, you should exercise caution on the Internet: many dodgy sites promise the unique and bombproof roulette winning strategy, which is guaranteed to lead to success - often for a decent payment. If you read something like this, you should quickly become skeptical, and with good reason.

Because there are certainly different approaches and approaches with which you can increase your chances of winning, but no roulette strategy always works and with 100% certainty. Because where the ball really ends up is decided by chance. And that can hardly be impressed by roulette statistics, analyzes of the probabilities or relevant roulette experiences of the players. It can never be calculated or predicted.

Can the dealer influence the ball?

Some also claim that the croupier has an impact on the outcome of the game and the landing of the ball. However, this is unlikely because the roulette wheel is constructed in such a way that the ball bounces back and forth between the numbers in such a way that no prediction or special throwing is possible. This would allow croupiers to work with customers of the casino, which would violate any casino rules.

Free information about roulette systems

In order to relieve you of a little work, we have dealt extensively with a variety of different roulette strategies. We want to do the work for you and inform you about roulette systems for beginners and experienced players. Here you can find out about the most important and popular roulette systems for free and then decide whether you really want to try one of them at the roulette table. We not only explain to you the advantages and chances of winning, but also show the gaps, weaknesses and risks of the different strategies.

What systems are there?

There are many different roulette strategies. They can be categorized in different ways. One possibility is to differentiate them according to whether there is a progression after each coup - i.e. an increase in the stake - or whether each sentence always has the same amount.

An overview:




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Take a look at an overview that shows the most important roulette systems at a glance:

Progressive systems

The betting strategies with progression can again be divided into two groups, depending on whether the progression follows a profit or a loss. The most prominent example of the latter is certainly the Martingale system, which provides for doubling the stake after each loss. Because of the simple use of martingale, it is particularly popular with beginners, but it is actually one of the most risky systems and is hardly used by professionals.

In the paroli game, however, the sentence is not doubled after every loss, but after a win. So this is a much safer variant. However, it is not entirely true that the game is only played with the bank's capital, as many players think.

A progression can therefore take place after a profit or a loss coup. It can also be either steep (like Martingale or Paroli) or flat (like D’Alembert).