September 19, 2019

Bandsaw Machines Market research to Hold a High Potential for Growth by 2019 – 2029

Bandsaw machine is an electric saw that consists continue metal band also known as bandsaw blade that is stretched between two or more wheels to cut the material. Bandsaw machines are extensively used in metalworking, woodworking, and lumbering owing to the uniform cutting action and ability to cut curved or irregular shapes. Bandsaw machines can be classified into two broad categories including vertical bandsaw machine and horizontal bandsaw machine.

The bandsaw machines are finding wide application in wood processing industry and in metal cutting owing to the growing demand for metals in various industries. Automatic bandsaw with faster cutting and performing complex cutting tasks are also gaining popularity across industries such as construction, metal fabrication, automotive, plastic, paper and electronic and electrical.

Bandsaw Machine Market- Competitive Landscape

  • In 2018, AMADA acquired all the shares of Marvel Manufacturing Inc., the US-based metal cutting manufacturer. After acquisition, Marvel was renamed AMADA MARVEL Inc. The acquisition also led to the addition of band saws for lightweight structural steels to AMADA’s product lineup.
  • Behringer Saws introduced HBE-321A automatic enclosed bandsaw featuring pressure sensors and ball screw blade feeding system which is servo-driven. The machine consists of components with cutting capacity up to 13.7 by 12.6 in.  

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L. S. Starrett Company

Established in 1880, L. S. Starrett Company is located in the US. The company manufactures and sells consumer, industrial, and professional cutting and measuring tools and related products. The products offered by the company include band saw blades, precision tools, laser measuring equipment, hacksaw blades, gage blocks, electronic gages, custom engineered granite solutions, etc.

Tecsaw International Limited

Founded in 1988, Tecsaw International Limited is located in Canada. The company manufactures metal cutting equipment, retrieval and storage systems, and other related products. The company also provides saws, blades, plates, automated storage systems and machine products.

Cobra Bandsaw Machines

Established in 1999, Cobra Bandsaw Machines is the manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of bandsaw machines. Some of the products offered by the company include vertical bandsaw machines, customized bandsaw machines, horizontal double columns bandsaw machines, automatic tube bending machines, etc.

Vishwacon Engineers Private Limited

Founded in 1978, Vishwacon Engineers Private Limited is the manufacturer of industrial machineries such as hack saw machines, metal cutting bandsaw machines, and gear boxes. The company’s product range includes bandsaw, circular bandsaw, elevators and elevator parts, power saws, traction machines, etc.

Bandsaw Machine Market Dynamics

Rapid Growth in Wood Processing Industry Driving Demand for Bandsaw Machine

The wood processing industry is using bandsaw machine on a large scale with growing demand for various wood products such as wood-based panels, swanwood, paper and paperboard, roundwood, and others. The production and consumption of wood products and wood energy are likely to increase along with the rapid rise in the production and consumption of wood products in Asia-Pacific. Meanwhile, use of wood as the source of energy is witnessing significant growth in Europe due to the policies promoting use of renewable energy sources.  

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Moreover, demand for wood products including construction materials and furniture is likely to increase in the coming years, this, in turn, is expected to drive demand for bandsaw machines. Growing popularity and low-price of raw materials used in wooden furniture manufacturing are also driving wooden furniture exports. For instance, rubberwood is used on a large scale in production of furniture in Malaysia owing to its low-price.  

Manufacturers Launching Fully Automatic Bandsaw Machines with Advanced Features

Manufacturers in the bandsaw machine market are focusing on launching fully automatic bandsaw machines with advanced features such as maximum blade life, fast cutting in short time, easy to control functions, automatic switch-off after cutting, lightweight, and low electricity consumption. Manufacturers are also focusing on developing bandsaw machines that require very little to no maintenance and providing a double thrust bearing to support the vice control.

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Meanwhile, providing a wide variety of band speed, cutting capacities, motor capacities, and blade dimensions is the key focus areas of the manufacturers in the bandsaw machine market. Companies are also offering customized solutions by designing and manufacturing bandsaw machines with specific features.

Regulations and Laws Enforced to Protect Forests Hampering Bandsaw Machine Market Growth

Regulations and laws enforced to protect forests and on forest conservation across regions are likely to hamper the growth of the bandsaw machine market. Most of these laws prohibit cutting trees, thereby, impacting the wood processing industry, this, in turn, also impacts the demand for bandsaw machines negatively. Moreover, increasing demand for low-cost timber products is resulting in the unsustainable and illegal logging in forests globally. This is resulting in the implementation of appropriate forest management policies. On the other hand, to meet the soaring demand for timber products, conversion of land to fast-wood forests is also on a rise worldwide.

Bandsaw Machine Market Segmentation

Based on the machine type, the bandsaw machine market is segmented into

  • Vertical bandsaw machine
  • Horizontal bandsaw machine

Based on the technology, the bandsaw machine market is segmented into

  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully-automatic
  • High-tech bandsaw

Based on cutting type, the bandsaw machine market is segmented into

  • Circular cutting
  • Ring cutting
  • Mitre cutting
  • Straight cutting

Based on the end-use industry, the bandsaw machine market is segmented into

  • Rubber
  • Wood Processing
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Automotive
  • Glass
  • Electronic & Electrical