February 3, 2020

10 Teacup Dog Breeds to Choose as an ESA

Thanks to Instagram! Teacup dogs are getting famous day by day because of their cuteness. Anyone having a teacup dog has a considerable Instagram fan base. The demand for teacup dogs is increasing.


If you are looking for an ESA dog and you are looking for a cute pet. You got to have one of those teacup dogs. Here are 10 Teacup dogs you can have as an ESA.


  1. Corgis


Corgis are evolved from spitz-type dogs. These dogs emerged from Wales. Corgis are also famous for a British queen adored them.


While normal corgis are small, teacup corgis are even smaller. And that is why they are famous. Everyone wants one. The reason people love teacup corgis is their clean look and their teeny size.


  1. Pug


Pug fans love pugs for a variety of reasons. And if the pug is a teacup, Well who wouldn’t want one?


Pugs are very playful and also very funny. This is the reason pug is one of the best options for emotional support. If you need emotional support and you want an active companion, you need to have a pug.


Airlines and strict landlords don’t allow pets. But for emotional support, you need to keep your pet with you. To get permission from these people you need to have Esa letter to travel with your teacup dog.


  1. Australian labradoodle


Australian labradoodle is another teacup dog option you have. The quality of this dog is its friendly behavior. And also, you can train it very easily.


And that is why it is a perfect fit for emotional support. Just train it well and you have a perfect teacup companion.


  1. Chihuahua


Chihuahua are considered as ancient dogs. They are said to be kept by Aztecs. Chihuahua have two kinds, one has long hair and the other one is relatively less hairy.


They are famous for their loyalty and a bit of attention can make the best companions. It makes them best for emotional support.


  1. Japanese Chin


On the cuteness scale, this is certainly among the top 5 cute dogs and its teacup version is a bit more adorable. They were famous in Japan because Japanese nobility adored them and used them as the “Lap Dogs”.


Whether you pick it for its heritage or its unique historical companionship. But the teacup size is going to make you happier than ever.


  1. King Charles Spaniel


The cavalier King Charles special has earned a name for itself. It was named after a British king.


The hairstyle of this dog gives it a girly cute look which makes it unique in its own way. Apart from its adorable look, it has a tendency to comfort you. And this quality makes a good option for emotional support.


  1. Yorkshire Terrier


Famous as a therapy dog, the Yorkshire Terrier is used for kids with autism. Its interactive nature and friendly approach makes it a better option for emotional support.


Smokey, a famous Yorkshire Terrier also took part in World War II to comfort injured soldiers and increase their morale.


  1. Pomeranian


Research says that pomeranian were bigger dogs. Teacup Pomeranians weigh less than 3 pounds and are certainly one of the best emotional support dogs ever.


Smaller Pomeranians were adored by Queen Victoria and that made them quite famous.


  1. Pomsky


Pomsky, as the name says are a hybrid of husky and Pomeranians. Both husky and Pomeranians are considered to be the cleanest and cute dogs. Imagine a tiny husky.


This teeny-tiny husky is the second name of comfort. And as huskies are super friendly, they are the best emotional support dogs.


  1. Maltese


There are countless reasons you should have a Maltese. Among which are its loyalty, its long life, and it's lovely hairy look.


Maltese are best as an ESA dogs because they always want to be around. They don’t like intruders and want to stay with you for a longer time as compared to other dogs.