September 16, 2019

Transportable Exam Station Market - Top Manufacturers Report

Global Transportable Exam Station Market: Introduction

Transportable exam stations can be defined as highly portable units built to enable doctors conduct comprehensive health checkups by using a tablet PC, a real digital stethoscope, a USB echoscope, and examination cameras. These allow doctors to remotely perform general health and dermatology examinations; and aid in trauma and triage. Transportable exam stations enable the provision of telemedicine to the patients through video conferencing. These stations store an array of medical devices and cameras in a weather-resistant, rugged, impact-resistant, and dust-resistant rolling case.

Global Transportable Exam Station Market: Competitive Landscape

The market is governed by the presence of a limited number of players including GlobalMed and Cure Global, LLC.


GlobalMed is one of the leading providers of telemedicine stations. The company offers products such as Transportable Exam Station Extreme and Transportable Exam Station Enterprise. Transportable Exam Station Extreme is a mobile telemedicine platform employing a military grade tablet and an impact-resistant casing for storing a range of medical devices. Transportable Exam Station Enterprise enables connection to the doctors from a remote location through its ruggedized case and a tablet PC.

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Cure Global, LLC

Cure Global offers a range of vertically integrated telehealth solutions that enable organizations to provide sustainable care to the patients. The solutions offered by the company include telemedicine stations, software, and program support. The telemedicine stations offered by the company include ClinicalAccess Station, Xpress Station, and Transportable Exam Station.

Transportable Exam Station Market: Dynamics

Growing Acceptance of Telemedicine

The growing acceptance of telemedicine is anticipated to contribute significantly to the growth of the market. The strong growth of telemedicine can be attributed to rise in shortage of health care personnel and lack of access to health care providers in certain remote areas. According to an article published by Harvard Public Health study, the annual number of telehealth visits increased from 0.02 per 1,000 members in 2005 to 6.57 per 1,000 in 2017.

Increase in Disposable Income

In developed countries, per capita disposable incomes exhibit low volatility due to a spike in double-income households. This has directly boosted consumer purchasing power. Additionally, the affordability of high-end products has increased in developing countries. Increase in disposable incomes in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam is expected to drive the market.

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Rise in Use of Refurbished Tables to Hamper Market

Increase in maintenance and acquisition costs, and budgetary constraints have led to rise in preference of health care facilities in the U.S. toward use of refurbished examination tables. Rise in number of players in the refurbished medical equipment market has led to even more competition in the global transportation exam station market. These players offer refurbished transportable exam stations at lower prices, thus, attracting more health care facilities to buy refurbished examination tables. This is likely to result in decrease of replacement and new unit sales of transportable exam stations in the global market, thereby restraining the market.

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