October 20, 2020

GAED instrument-software delivers a gas-phase precise measurement

What GAED provides you
GAED instrument-software delivers a gas-phase precise measurement which provides economic physical adsorption information. Polanyi model connects gas- and aqueous-phase physical adsorption. Classical ASTM isotherms and Characteristic Curves are inter-convertible. If you have an isotherm, it can be transformed into a Characteristic Curve. A GAED directly provides the most important isotherm information; isotherms tell us if sorbent is economical for an application and if the AC has working coconut shell activated carbon wholesale performance to satisfy a specific sorbent application. A GAED affords selecting the best sorbent for the application.
Software programs improve AC operations including: The initial purchase, life-cycle performance monitoring, determining when to replace used with unused GAC, choosing best replacement GAC and determining what thermal activation does to used AC porous structures. It is important to understand what each test method provides. Advanced test methods are available to solve problems not solved by classical standard methods. Operations who employ smart software improve management of operations and productivity.www.granular-activated-carbon.com

I recommend that installed GAC should be analyzed by GAED and ASTM test methods. When installing AC, save a representative sample in a closed clean container. This action provides the starting adsorption spaces or pores available to remove contaminants. After the GAC is used, run another GAED characterization and compare to the initial GAC. This GAC difference in used adsorption spaces reveals specific pores needed for specific water treatment applications. Knowing the needed pores can help select the best carbon in the future.