As carbon is managed on a batch basis the intermittent interstage pumping of carbon is not required

As carbon is managed on a batch basis the intermittent interstage pumping of carbon is not required. The lead Pumpcell receives fresh pulp from the feed launder located above the Pumpcell top platform. The feed launder valve arrangement directs the flow of pulp into the desired Pumpcell[url=][/url]

activated carbon pellets free samples[/url]As all the Pumpcells are at the same horizontal elevation the cascade flow of pulp between the individual Pumpcells is not possible. The movement of pulp between the Pumpcells is effected by the Pumpcell mechanism. Pulp is drawn through the wedge wire screen by virtue of the up-pumping impeller developing a head in the open volute, which is connected to the internal launder. The head and horizontal velocity created by the pumping action is sufficient to overcome launder losses and allows for the velocity flow of pulp to the next Pumpcell. When the gold on carbon loading in the lead Pumpcell has reached the predetermined value the lead Pumpcell is isolated and the feed material is directed to the second Pumpcell in the carousel sequence.[url=] The second Pumpcell effectively becomes the new lead Pumpcell. The entire contents of the lead Pumpcell is drained and pumped via a recessed impeller pump to the loaded carbon screen, on which the loaded carbon is harvested and the pulp is returned to the feed tank of the Pumpcell. When the contents of the original lead Pumpcell has been drained the Pumpcell is brought back on line as the new tail Pumpcell, and a predetermined amount of regenerated or virgin carbon is ordered. This procedure of rotating the lead and tail Pumpcells form the basis of rotating the carousel sequence. Being a carousel model of operation, the Carbon in the Pumpcell plant is contained in batches. There is no batch mixing of carbon which occurs in counter current transfer of carbon in CIP and CIL circuits. As a result of this the loading of gold on carbon in the circuit changes with time and the time to harvest the loaded carbon can be chosen on the basis of value. Higher upgrades ratios above those in CIP can be achieved, usually 1500 to 2500, sometimes higher for Pumpcell plants.