October 19, 2020

Brown Aluminum Oxide Price Brown Fused Alumina for Sandblasting

1. Brown Fused Aluminahslabrasive

^ Brown Fused Alumina is made from bauxite and coke (anthracite) , through melting
at high temperature in electric- arc furnace. The range of general granularity size is
F4 ~ F320, its chemical composition varies depending on the size of the particle.

^ The outstanding characteristic is the small crystal size & impact resistance, due to the
using of self-grinding machine to process and crush, most of particles are spherical, dry
and clean surface, easy to bond to bond agent.

2. BFA Applications
( Due to its usable range, brown corundum is called the teeth of industry: mainly used in
grinding wheel, sandblasting, and material resistance )

^ Mainly used for precision casting, wear - resistant materials, industry which have higher
requirements of abrasive materials.

3. BFA Parameter

The main compositions of BFA are Al2O3, TiO2 , a small amount of SiO2 , Fe2O3, and etc.
True density 3.85g/cm3, Hardness 9 , Higher toughness than Silicon carbide.

The grinding tools made of it, are suitable for grinding metals with high tensile resistance.
In addition, BFA can be also manufactured refractory materials.

4. Production Technical Process

Raw Material Selecting β†’ Electric Smelting β†’ Crushing β†’ Iron Removal by Magnetic β†’

Screening β†’ Inspection of Physical and Chemical β†’ Product Packing β†’ Warehousing

5. Package & Shipping

^ 25kg/bag, 1000kg/JUMPO bag ; Customerization Allowed.

^ After confirmation of cargo in good condition(packing sound), the cargo can be loaded
in CONTAINER, then sealing the container and finally starting shipping from loading port.

^ You will be receive the bulk products at your destination port after about 7- 20 days.

6. Company Informationfused alumina manufacturers

^ Ningxia Baiyun carbon Co.,Ltd, is one professional manufacturer, with rich experiences of
industrial products exporting worldwide.

^ Our corporation, located in shizuishan city, with title of "Coal City", which is famous for producing
anthracite. We mainly engaged in activated carbon, carbon additives, carbon products, anthracite
filter,desulfurization carbon, flocculant, abrasive, refractory materials, emery and other products.