July 28, 2020

About exams and math

Well, this year(2020) was is really hard. Russian exams are so unpredictable. have passed informatics, math and Russian language. The hardest subject is math.

How correctly to get ready for exams? I realized this three days before the exams.

it's very simple

  • to start preparing as early as possible. - well, it's obvious
  • don't watch the tones of educational videos. Take one or two videos and just write down, learn and analyze everything in them. Your memory should put everything like books on shelves all the information in your head. And it is very important - think about everything you've learned today.
  • Take pauses! Emotional burnout leads to a loss of concentration and motivation
  • prove and deduce all formulas, proofs, and theorems. Don't just memorize all the information from technical subjects

These simple steps will make your education better.

good luck with your preparation!