July 17, 2020


Coronavirus Outbreak and Online Food Delivery

With the increase in the number of coronavirus patients, the loss at the restaurant industry is increasing. Since the coronavirus outbreak, millions of people working in the restaurant have started facing the problem of unemployment. Empty dining halls of the restaurant narrates its own pitiful story.

The terrible impact of COVID-19 seems to make people suffer for a long period. The restaurant industry is going through the biggest crisis one can ever imagine and during this period the only ray of hope for survival is linking with online food delivery services. During the COVID-19 period, small restaurants and food services did meet with lots of difficulties such as lack of inventory, lack of funds, and most importantly the demand. As the customers had no access to going to the restaurant and take food or eat at the place, many small restaurants lost hope and moved towards shutting down. The only way to prevent this restaurant from closing is Online Food delivery services such as Club Feast.

Online food delivery services take food from the restaurant and deliver them to the target location. This way the normal restaurant chain cannot be met but needy will get the food packet and restaurant business too will survive.