Reasons that Proves WordPress is an Excellent Platform for Startups

Commonly speaking, most of the startups do understand that occupancy on the internet is necessary for their idea of developing into a successful venture. A website is a useful and cost-effective place to explain ideas, design the road map to achieve them. A website is also a place to reach out to job seekers, investors, and customers looking for a product. In the early stages building a website for business was a hectic challenge for the venture to take off. But now it's different, WordPress website can be converted into an available place for marketing the product or service and staying in the contact with stakeholders 24/7.

WordPress is a leading content management system(CMS) used to create a website and personal blogs here the user can create without any coding knowledge. This software allows you to customize everything on your website. WordPress was created in the year 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. First, it was designed for people who wanted to create basic blogs and host them on the internet anytime. But now, it has grown into a flexible and powerful tool for creating any type of website. 

Here Are Reasons that Proves WordPress is an Excellent Platform for Startups
WordPress Is The Leading Content Management System In The World. In the world, most of the website is powered by WordPress than any other CMS. WordPress CMS powers 4.5% of the internet, around 60% of the website is created in WordPress. Every second 17 posts is been published on WordPress websites.

WordPress is Safe 

WordPress is a decided open-source CMS platform that supports a community of thousands of coders, and non-coders. Today, it is the leading Content Management System service on the internet. WordPress as been around for 10+ years, used by millions of websites and known for a great deal of learning. Even more, WordPress relies on sound technology like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript that follow the practices set by Google and other search engines to have safe website you need to choose the best WordPress Hosting

WordPress is Easy and Open-Source
WordPress never thinks whether the business is a commercial or personal blog, the fact is that WordPress doesn't cost you, this is the primary reason to use it. They don't charge any cost extra for your website if it gets more traffic than you anticipated. As WordPress is open-source, you can customize your WordPress website either in your features or look. 

WordPress is search engine friendly
WordPress plays a vital role in Google and other search engines, it has amounts of themes and plugins for SEO optimization and mobile-friendly and with the free Yoast SEO plugin, your website will be even more search engine friendly.

WP is Price Effective
The days are gone when creating a website will cost you more. WordPress designing and development is very cost-effective, and also the maintenance and support charge also is very cheap as you can do it by yourself rather than hiring a designer every time you need to update the content of your site.

Mobile Friendly
Many website visitors will access your website from their mobile devices, so your WordPress website needs to be mobile-friendly that will provide a smooth experience for users. So the user can search your website from anywhere in the world. Doing this will help your website ranking high as soon as possible in search engine results.

WordPress plugins

If you need some extra features on your website, WordPress provides you. WordPress was designed to be increased, and that’s something programmers around the world have done. There are thousands of WordPress plugins that add extra features to the core system. You can decide whether you need a simple contact form or eCommerce plugins.

WordPress keeps your website looking fresh
Managing the pleasant Content Management System via any of the free or premium themes available, both through WordPress or on the third-party websites gives your website a refreshing look and keeps your company unique in the eyes and minds of your consumers. 

WordPress can Scale your Business
The startups are not assured concerning their growth at the start. They run a short ship, keeping things low key. Yet they need the room to scale and grow if their ideas take off in a big way. WordPress is an ideal fit that allows them to start small and then scale up the business to run even enterprise-level organizations that span many countries and regions.