Backup schedule in MS-SQL management studio 2012 in Windows

by Sanaa Haarika
Backup schedule in MS-SQL management studio 2012 in Windows

Ms-sql management studio is an application where we can manage our databases for several purpose like creating a database, restoring a database, taking the database backup etc… In this article we are helping you in how to schedule the automatic backup in the management studio.

If the database increases in size full database backups take more time to perform and require extra storage space. For a huge database full database backup with a series of differential database backups is better. As a default, each successful backup operation consists of an entrance in the SQL Server error log and also the system event log. Frequent backup, these success messages will expand faster and ends up in huge error logs. It helps in finding out others messages difficult.

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Follow the below steps to schedule the backup in your Ms-sql management studio 2012


STEP 1: Open the management studio---->Click on Sql server Agent---->Then click  on New job



STEP 2: Enter the backup name under the General Tab.



STEP 3: Under the Steps Tab fill the following details:

  • Enter the step name
  • Select the database name to which you want to schedule a backup
  • Enter the query

Example Query:

DECLARE @MyFileName nvarchar(max)

SELECT @MyFileName = (SELECT N'E:\TestbackupFolder\TestBackup_' +replace(rtrim(convert(char,getdate())), ':',',')+ '.bak')    

BACKUP DATABASE [yourdatabasename] TO DISK=@MyFileName


STEP 4: Under the schedules ----> Go to new---> and set the time and date which you require.

SQL Server comes with few restrictions, but then too it is a powerful tool for data storage. For small and medium business you can use it without any limitations. But the express edition has few issues, it so not have SQL Server Agent. In case you can make use of the SQLCMD command line tool and standard Scheduled Tasks for Windows. For setting the automotive administrative periodic task you need to write a SQL script. Can make use of the MS Management Studio for the purpose of generating the current script.


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April 24, 2019
by Sanaa Haarika