July 13, 2020

Webtalk's end-game is to....

While Webtalk's end-game is to build the first community to be able to help the world establish "trust-on-demand" to aid the world in creating more success, we understand the journey is just as important as the destination.

That is why we have set out to solve all of the largest issues with existing networking sites along the way.

*Lack of monetization from your social activity and your social graph
*Extreme Censorship
*Lack of relationship management and privacy controls
*Lack of data/communication controls
*Intrusive ads and advertiser tracking

Our proprietary free rewards program pays real cash for your engagement on Webtalk, the content you share on Webtalk (that gets engagement), and for your referrals (who engage on Webtalk and make purchases).

When it comes to censorship our policy is that we will only remove content if it is illegal including acts of terrorism, hate crimes, threats or acts of violence, or any other illegal activity. As a professional platform, we also do not allow nudity or cyber bullying. Other than these items, you are free to publicly post facts and opinions.

Our patent-pending SocialCRM universal contact manager is the first technology of its kind that helps you keep your personal and professional lives segregated until you want them to cross. It also offers unparalleled control of your relationships with built in contact groups, timestamped notes, searchable tags, contact info cards, and even tools to assign values for you to control your own newsfeed and search algorithms.

Our patent-pending newsfeed gives you control of your data and communication by allowing your to see and share different kinds of data to specific contact groups. This is very powerful for those who like to switch between modes throughout the day. You may want to spend an hour keeping up with clients, then another hour recruiting new talent, then another hour catching up with friends, and another hour seeing what your family is up to, and another hour reading up on current events. Webtalk is the only place online where this is possible with our built-in newsfeed channels that puts you in control.

Our PRO subscription is the first social network premium upgrade service to offer the ability to remove advertisement and advertiser tracking for those of you who are concerned about your privacy or simply do not want to see ads. On Webtalk, it's your choice if you want a free platform with ads or a paid platform without ads. PRO upgrades also come with many more valuable exclusive features.

Either way, when you enroll in our free rewards program and invite your friends to join Webtalk to rebuild your network, you either earn a percent of the ad revenue they help generate or a percentage of their PRO premium feature subscription every time they pay their bill.

It's that simple.

PS: Webtalk is almost in the top 12,000 sites in the world.

PPS: Webtalk has thousands of members making a supplemental income from our free rewards program with several on track to earn over $100K in their first year as member.

PPPS: Today, we increased our ad rewards minimum payout for July to $5,000. Please remember this is only a minimum. As soon as our total ad revenue surpasses $10K in July, then the $5K minimum increases to maintain 50% of the ad revenue payout.

ie. If we generate $100K in ad revenue this month, then the minimum payout will increase in real time to $50,000 this month. The more ad impressions and ad clicks we have then the more ad revenue we generate. This means the more members we have, and the more active you all are everyday, the more money that can be paid out this month.

PPPPS: We will be launching an updated landing page this month that gives every member two different landing page links. A link for a personalized landing page (for friends and family), and a link for a non-personalized landing page (for general advertising and marketing).

The personalized landing page displays a popup showing you invited them. The non-personalized landing page only has your affiliate ID in the footer. The personalized landing page will generated a connection request when they join, whereas the non-personalized link will not.

See the sneak preview attached.