November 26, 2020

Here are five ways you can get the most out of your Unibind machine

Now that you've bit the bullet andpurchased a Unibind thermal binding machine for your office, perhapsyou're wondering how you can get the most out of your new device. Thereare a number of ways you can do that, from choosing the right suppliesto taking advantage of your machine's impressive binding capacity. Here are five ways you can get the most out of your Unibind machine.

1.) Get the right supplies.One of the best things about this binding system is the incrediblearray of supplies that are available. Unibind manufactures a number ofgreat covers including their PhotoBook, SteelBook, andSteelMat/SteelCrystal products. The PhotoBook and SteelBook suppliesare perfect for when you want your document to look like a realhardcover book. Meanwhile, a SteelMat or SteelCrystal cover is theright choice for making professional-looking sales reports and thelike. You can even make your own covers by using a SteelBack spine.There really are a lot of options available and they're guaranteed tomake your documents look like a million bucks.

2.) Use the right size.When you're deciding which cover or spine to use, you need to considerthe size you'll need. This is essential because if you choose a coverthat's not thick enough for your document, it's very possible that notall of the pages will be bound. Likewise, if you use a cover that's toolarge, your final product will look a bit off and you might findyourself losing pages from your books. To choose the right cover/spine,you can use the Unibind Spine Measurer, an inexpensive device that willhelp you choose the right one.

3.) Bind a lot of books at once.Unibind machines can bind one document with no problem, but they'rereally great for binding a whole bunch of documents at the same time.Even the smallest device, the XU138, can bind up to 8 documents in onego, which is quite a lot. Using your machine to simultaneously bind alot of books will help you save time and finish the job a lot faster.

4.) Use your machine's cooling rack.When your books are bound, it's essential to place them on themachine's cooling rack. This helps the adhesive in the spines to seeproperly, creating a strong bond that will keep your pages securely inthe book. You should let your books cool off for up to 15 minutesbefore you begin using them. Note: when moving your books, try ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER WITH LOW HEAT GENERATION not tocome in contact with the spines. The spines will be very warm and youcould possibly burn yourself.

5.) Design and use your own covers.When you use SteelBack spines, you have the chance to create your owncovers. Just place your cover with your pages, insert them into thespine, and bind. Afterward, just tear off the paper liner of the spineand your cover will be revealed. These materials allow you to getreally creative and yet still enjoy the strong bond that comes withusing a Unibind spine.

These are five ways you can get the most of your Unibind machine. So get your supplies ready and start binding now!