October 31, 2020

Today's Required Office Cleaning in Major Cities

Commercial cleaning is one of the industries thrust into the spotlight around the world and nowhere more prominently than in major metropolises. In New York City, for example, there has been a higher demand for NYC office cleaning companies than ever before. With public health guidelines and regulations from city and state authorities and federal CDC guidelines, there is much work to be done. Because surface transmission of coronavirus remains a concern, interior cleaning of commercial spaces needs to add disinfecting and sanitizing protocols daily, if not more frequently.

New York's best cleaning contractors, always well known for their effectiveness, now must apply disinfectants throughout offices to meet CDC and OSHA requirements. There is a continuing emphasis on surface disinfecting of all touchpoints within an office. As people practice social distancing and wear masks as required, keeping the surfaces virus-free is also essential. Even if social distanced, a higher number of people using an office or visiting a store or restaurant increases the need to have it disinfected daily. There needs to be a continuous effort to keep commercial spaces safe and clean for all.

Depending on the architectural style of an office interior, there are differences in keeping it clean. For example, upholstered furniture and wood surfaces may be damaged by sanitizing sprays and need to be handled differently. Trained and experienced janitors understand the differences among products and which ones can be used on each surface. It's this kind of know-how that leads to more effective janitorial service for your office, giving employees and guests greater peace of mind. Adapting to each office's needs, even ornate historical ones, is essential to do a good job.

Commercial cleaning contractors equipped to disinfect for COVID-19 have augmented their service offerings in many ways. They've also trained their team members to be effective in sanitizing shared spaces and outfitted them in personal protective equipment (PPE). The safe application of products that disinfect and prevent viral transmission is essential and required for nearly all offices today. Many of the products used officewide today originated with restroom cleaning. It's also crucial to include restrooms in today's heightened cleaning protocols because they also can be transmission points.