November 27, 2020

Office Cleaning is Updated by New Techniques

The pressing need to disinfect offices as a precaution against coronavirus transmission is placing more attention on commercial janitorial services than ever before. In metropolises like New York City that have been hit hard, the search is on for the most effective NYC office cleaning companies. What's become front and center is the effective use of sanitizing products and thorough cleaning checklists that cover every square inch of an office. There's a new important to above-the-floor cleaning as shared surfaces need sanitizing to prevent transmission of the virus.

The expanded office cleaning service in the COVID-19 era also needs to be implemented while respecting the budgets that companies have available. There is a constant need to disinfect common elements into the foreseeable future, so costs must be kept manageable. Part-time janitorial service is a thing of the past for virtually all offices as they now require at least daily cleaning. Entire offices are now cleaned with disinfecting products that previously were reserved for restrooms in many cases. Sanitizing touchpoints against coronavirus is essential.

Well-trained and outfitted commercial cleaners are knowledgeable about the proper use of disinfectants, including when and hot to apply them. The effectiveness of EPA-registered broad-spectrum virus-killing compounds requires them to be applied according to the label directions. In higher-end offices, wood and upholstered furniture add additional considerations that knowledgeable janitors know how to handle. Because sanitizing needs to occur officewide, all surfaces and furniture need to be considered. Maximum eradication of the virus is required.

Environmental-responsibility pledges are among the goals of many companies. Even in the era of disinfecting offices for COVID-19, they need to be respected to the greatest extent possible. While it might not be possible to use eco-cleaning methods as extensively as was possible before the pandemic, some products are EPA-registered and worthy of consideration. It is a balance to find products strong enough to kill the virus but be safe for people and gentler on the earth. But the most crucial considerations are public health and following city, state, and CDC guidelines.