March 13, 2020

studying with girls at BIL: pluses and minuses

Hello everyone. I guess that everyone want to study with girls). I don't why but everyone want it. Maybe because talking with they is interesting.

I want to start with the fact that before entering this school, I studied with the girls. then there were no special problems. however, this is KTL. there are special teaching methods. and you need to take a look at how it would be here with the girls. First: how will it affect learning. it’s no secret that this is a transitional period for us, and everyone wants to have a relationship. and if lyceum students will be in a relationship they become distracted from study. but on the other hand, girls are very disciplined, and can pull up students from outside

To conclude, I want to tell you that talking with girls at our age is important because we had been have a transitional period.