Features of Floating Seals by SAP Parts

Floating ring seals provide reliable shaft sealing that cannot use conventional face seals due to speed, temperature and lack of lubricant. This type of seal is excellent for sealing high-temperature gases in bearings or other mechanisms. These simple seals not only work in conditions that exceed the capabilities of face type seals, but they also offer other important benefits. Leakage due to controlled clearance is minimized. Unlimited shaft movement. Long life due to limited friction and wear. Very low fever. Coke reduction. Installation is simpler than face or segmented seals. The compact package operates within the space limitations of the new compact turbine design.


·         The floating seal is a simple product made up of two components: a seal ring made of special cast iron and a rubber component (O-ring / gasket). Two identical seals form a pair when used. The sliding component, the seal ring, is supported by the rubber component, so it does not come in contact with the shaft, closely conforming to the radial and thrust motion of the shaft.

·         Developed for slurry applications, the seal ring is very hard, wear resistant and made of corrosion resistant material. The rubber component presses the sliding surface of the seal ring and also acts as a seal. It is therefore made of a material that has a cold temperature and very high durability to heat and has a compressive strength that is long enough to extend its compression life.

·         The main uses of floating seals are crawler rollers, traveling equipment for construction and agricultural machinery, and travel equipment for conveyors, mixers and various digging machines. In other words, it is widely used in relatively low-speed applications exposed to foreign matter.

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