Myth is Busted!

I was really waiting for todays topic, which is called "Myth Busters". First reason is that it was awesome TV-show, it isnt exaggerated, second reason is how they will plan the lesson, better or worse than us.

Actually, Myth Busters is very interesting TV show, where two charismatic guys check validity of rumors. They also have a crew, since whole crew is behind scenes. The most important thing to mention is that they obtain legends from movies, games and maybe cartoons. For instance, possibility of knocking out a person with gun through dissecting like a Indiana Johnson(it's impossible, don't try it at home).

It is obvious that plannig lesson with this topic is like piece of cake. Just show the one fragment from show and its already done for 50%. Fortunately they did it and respect them for this. Furthermore, they tell us about the reglament of this show and how it usually run, also, they gave us some examples and we had to gues is it possible or not. In addition, they made a cool task, where we had to divide to two groups and choose the one myth then tell is it possible or not or plausible, consequently we had to give arguments. We achieved the task, of cousre.

To sum up, lesson was really good, I remembered this cool show, learned new words and just had a good time.Thank you girls!