Gun of Stranger

There is one teacher in NIS, from the one side he is an ordinary teacher, but from the other side there are a lot of gossips. Among these gossips, there is one interesting and almost all students think that it's true.

So legend glosses that 6 years ago in NIS was an exam among 10 grade students. However it was not just an exam, unfortunately, percents, which affect on year assessment, was so high, that students needed prepare whole life, without any time to relax or going to a toilet, otherwise they would be kicked out from school with shame. However, it should be noted that students didn't give up and they have tried to prepare, although what could they do else...

Exam was written, results were released. It was obviously that not everyone will pass the exam, but nobody didn't think that results will be so bad. All in all to high school have passed only one class. Almost whole parallel was kicked out from the NIS, there is no doubt that it was the worst year in history of this school.

Next year would be same thing, percents was higher than in the last year. When exam blanks came to the school, from nowhere appeared one man with gun, nobody didn't know who is this or where from he is and what he going to do with gun. Then happened an unexpected thing he begun shoot to blanks, school's administration moved exam to other day, but this man came again and shot out blanks. But at this time he left the one message to administration, message short and understandable."Make a normal percents!".

This thing have been happened for the one week, all schools in another cities have finished exams. So, administration made acceptable percents. As expected, all students have passed the exam. After, every year percents was normal and every student have passed the exam. In this story interesting thing that in the year when this man appeared, new teacher of world history came to the school. The structure of the body both man was same and they both have a one gold teeth.

Nowadays, percents going upper and upper. Who know, maybe stranger with the gun will come and save us.