May 16, 2019

What are the Different Types of a Voltage Stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer is an electronic device which is used to provide a stabilized input voltage to the various electrical appliances. As we receive the fluctuating voltage from the AC mains supply, the Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer for Home has become an integral part of electronic appliances in residential and industrial places. However, the different types of stabilizers have been invented for various electrical applications. Hence, you can make a purchase from the Servo Stabilizer Manufacturers in Bangalore of an effective stabilizer which fits your requirement.

Furthermore, in order to choose the one which is suitable for your need, it is important for you to get to know or have knowledge of the different types of voltage stabilizers. However, the types of voltage stabilizers include relay type voltage stabilizers, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, and Static Voltage Stabilizers.

  1. Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers: -

In the relay type voltage stabilizers, you will get the stabilized voltage with the help of relay switching. It is connected in such a way that the number of tapings of the transformer connected to the load will perform the buck and boost operation.

Furthermore, an electronic circuit is designed in a way where a set of relays are connected besides the transformer. However, the tapings of the relay are provided to the secondary winding of the transformer. In addition to this, Servo Stabilizer Manufacturers in Bangalorehave designed an electronic circuit which compared the output voltage with the reference voltage.

  1. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers: -

The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers work on the servomechanism principle which is also known as negative feedback. In this type of stabilizers, the servo motor is the main component which is used for stabilizing the voltage or for the voltage correction.

Furthermore, the essential components of the Electronic Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizersinclude servo motor, buck-boost transformer, autotransformers, motor driver and control circuitry for the effective working of the Electronic Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers.

In this circuit, you can see that one end of the buck-boost transformer is connected to the autotransformer’s fixed tap and the other end of the buck-boost transformer is connected to the moving arm which is controlled by the servo motor. This is the brief description of the 3 Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer.

  1. Static Voltage Stabilizers: -

In Static Voltage Stabilizers, you will not see any moving parts in the circuit as the Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer for Home. However, the Static Voltage Stabilizer uses the power electronic converter circuit which is used to provide the stabilized voltage for the input of the various electronic devices.

In addition to this, the Static Voltage Stabilizers produce a greater accuracy voltage as compared to the various types of voltage stabilizers. Moreover, the components of this type of voltage stabilizer include the buck-boost transformer, microcontroller, microprocessor, IGBT power converter, and DSP based controller. Thus, this type of voltage stabilizers is very popular compared to the Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers and 3 Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer.

Therefore, you can also check out the various capacity stabilizers which are used for residential or industrial purpose. Furthermore, Servo Stabilizer Manufacturers in Bangalore provides the different types of stabilizers where you can use the one based on your requirement and electrical application.




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