October 16, 2019

How does an oil-cooled transformer deliver more power than an air-cooled transformer?

Saveawatt is one of the leading servo stabilizer manufacturers in Bangalore, which manufactures both oil cooled servo voltage stabilizer and air-cooled servo voltage stabilizer. But their specifications, as well as applications, are really different. Before analyzing the delivery power of both types of transformers, we should know why engine cooling is required. As a servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Bangalore, we know that normally engines convert chemical energy, which is produced because of the burning of the fuel into mechanical energy. But don’t think that all the energy generated by combustion can be converted into mechanical energy; the big amount of energy gets dissipated in the form of heat energy. Usually, stabilizer manufacturers try to run the engine on higher values, a high amount of heat is generated because of friction generated between mechanical parts, which result in heating of the engine. To maintain high-level performance and smooth running of the engine, the engine of the stabilizer should be cooled down and here cooling technology comes into the picture. This is the basic concept behind manufacturing servo controlled voltage stabilizers in Bangalore.Air Cooled vs oil CooedAir Cooled engine:As per the name, an air cooled servo voltage stabilizer in Bangalore uses air as the cooling agent. This type of engine is the most common type of engine cooling and this is available on a maximum of Indian bikes. As a top transformer manufacturer in Bangalore, we deliver maximum air-cooled stabilizers to the automobile manufacturers. The engine cylinder of this type stabilizer is surrounded by fins and these fins are facilitated by the surface area which is exposed to air for cooling purposes. An air-cooled servo voltage stabilizer is easy to manufacture having low cost and also easy to maintain. But these are only applicable to low capacity bikes where the cost is the primary concern, not the performance. Oil cooled engine:Oil cooled servo voltage stabilizer is the most popular method used in the servo controlled voltage stabilizer manufacturers and being used by almost all the high capacity machines in India as well as abroad. This concept of oil cooling on the bike is very much the same as cars. It provides stability in high speed riding on up hills, traffic jams etc. An oil-cooled servo voltage stabilizer in Bangalore uses a web of passage around the cylinder of the stabilizer to circulate the coolant all through the machine. This coolant of the stabilizer absorbs the heat produced by the engine when it is running. Under high-performance conditions, the oil-cooled servo voltage stabilizer engine is running at a high rpm, the engine gets hot very quickly and this result from coolant temperature to rise. Although it is not suitable for house voltage stabilizers, it is very good for the automobile industry. The method used in oil-cooled servo voltage stabilizer use primitive and if the engine is running continuously oh higher rpms, it gets heated up very quickly and if it is becoming hot, the performance of the bike decreases.  Visit us:Website address:http://www.saveawatt.in/Email address: sales@saveawatt.inPhone no: +91-9886675563