April 24, 2021

Women Silk Cotton Sarees Online - A Perfect Summer And Elegant Wear

When it comes to casual wear or sarees for weddings, silk sarees are the most common option. Cotton sarees are preferred by women when they want to be comfortable. Cotton sarees are light, airy, fluffy, and extremely comfortable. However, nowadays, sarees are made of a variety of fabrics, which helps with the draping process to some degree. Silk cotton attires combine the benefits of both silk and cotton. Both of these fabrics have their collection of fans and admirers, but silk cotton fabric is still a good pick. Silk Cotton Sarees Online is now widely gaining popularity.

Printed Sarees:

These sarees are available in a variety of prints, from authentic kalamkari printed cotton to tie-dyed sarees, which makes it flexible for a whole day look. A simple cotton silk attire with a printed pallu is hot for the festive season, and the stylized geometric prints seen on contemporary sarees can make a great look for the modern woman.

Plain with Patterned Border

These sarees have a plain body with a kalamkari written or embroidered applique border. Images of animal figures, deities, and myths can be seen on certain attires, giving them an ethnic appeal. The well-balanced look is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions.

Silk Cotton designer sarees

Although plain sarees are good, still some may hesitate for grandeur functions as they are fairly plain, with no heavy embroidery or design. Here designer sarees can be the best choice. They are made of cotton silk and are a little heavier and more formal. They have embroidery work in contrasting shades of color all over or certain pieces. These heavy sarees can be worn for a variety of formal occasions and functions. They are both conventional and sophisticated at the same time.

Banarasi Silk Cotton Sarees:

Banarasi sarees can be worn all the time, and the designers have produced a variant of Banarasi cotton silk saree that completely justifies its status. If you want to wear a Banarasi but don't want to spend a lot of money, choose Silk CottonSarees Online shopping for better deals. They are available in both heavy embroidery work and straightforward basic designs. Banarasi sarees are a perfect choice for wedding functions. Finish the look with gold jewelry, matching accessories and pair it with your favorite Banarasi outfits for a magical result.

Chettinad Sarees:

Checkered patterns have long been common in the fashion world, especially in South India. In south cotton silk sarees, the checked patterns are still prevalent, and they are further embellished with lovely motifs and designs. These sarees ranges are reasonably priced and can be purchased as a plain saree or as a designer collection.

A saree not only represents heritage but also adds to modernity and diversity. It is one of the main reasons why women adore sarees in any situation. However, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of blended cotton, there is no harm in giving it a try. So start the search of Silk Cotton Sarees Online and buy your desired ranges today.