November 24, 2020

🔥 Conquer new frontiers! In the order book for buying UMI - $ 3 000 000! 🔥

Dear friends, we would like to inform you that a new significant milestone has been reached - there are already more than $ 3,000,000 in the order book for buying UMI! At the same time, the total liquidity of the coin, taking into account the offers on the p2p site, is over $ 3,400,000! 😎

ROY Club and UMI cryptocurrency are constantly moving forward by leaps and bounds. Together we are breaking record after record and are showing amazing growth rates. $ 3 million is a figure that few people could have believed a couple of months ago. And today it is already an eloquent and absolutely unchanging fact proving our success with you.

💥 Recall that the $ 3,000,000 mark in the UMI order book marks the beginning of the fourth wave of cut payments. We will publish the terms in the near future - stay tuned! 💥

More than $ 3 million in the order book is a solid protection of the UMI rate from falling. Today, each of us can safely buy cryptocurrency for staking, multiply coins at 30% per month, and then freely sell them at any time in any quantity, and always at a bargain price. And this is really phenomenal! 💯

We congratulate you, friends, on another milestone in the development of the ROY Club and UMI. We sincerely thank you for your activity - without you there would not have been all these achievements, you are great fellows! 👍

☝️ We also remind you that we will be able to celebrate all our achievements already on December 6, when the drawing of the main prize of our MEGA-COMPETITION - a brand new Hyundai Solaris 🚗 car in the maximum configuration will take place. This will happen live on the ROY Club anniversary celebration. And besides that, already on December 1, another very, very, very pleasant surprise awaits you. Keep your finger on the pulse - it will be hot! 🔥

Always with you, ROY Club! 😉