September 11, 2020

🔥 UMI’s Bid Queue Exceeding Over $300,000! 🚀

Dear friends, UMI cryptocurrency continues to advance at a breathtaking pace, with the UMI/BTC bid queue growing by leaps and bounds. 😉

⭐ UMI’s bid queue has successfully exceeded $300,000 boosting the coin’s liquidity and stability.

👉 In simple terms, each Club member can sell staking-generated coins at a good price — any time, with no trouble at all, without fearing the drop in prices. That’s the bottom line.

⭐ The second wave of cut-off payments is closer now.

👉 A short while ago we passed the mark of $250,000, making the new wave of cut-off payments closer by a quarter. We have now traveled almost a third of this path. $1 mln in the queue will signal the start of new cut-off payments is really close.

❗️Congratulations on passing another important milestone! Finally, we’d like to remind all Club members of the main points:

✅ To support the coin’s exchange rate and ensure its high liquidity, the UMI Team invests all funds generated by selling the coins for BTC and on the Crypto-By-Card platform in the bid queue. In other words, UMI is backed by bitcoins which no other cryptocurrency in the world can boast of.

✅ While bid queues for other cryptocurrencies fluctuate with their prices, $300,000 invested in UMI bids will not change in value. It ensures UMI price will not drop.

✅ UMI now has a higher level of backing and liquidity than many other cryptocurrencies, including PRIZM. UMI’s bid queue exceeds all PRIZM bids queues on and BTC-Alpha several-fold (!).

✅ To ensure even faster growth, make sure you actively buy UMI for BTC on or using your bank card on Crypto-By-Card. This is how you can accelerate cut-off payments, boost UMI’s liquidity and protect it against price drops.

👉 Buy UMI for BTC:

👉 Buy UMI using your bank card:

Once again, congratulations on this new, important milestone. $1 mln lies ahead! 🎉

ROY Club and UMI are the future. It means you are the future! 🚀

Yours, ROY Club! Follow us! 🏆