So, being a data scientist is, of course, very easy. Actually, it is as easy as cycling on a plain road, except the bike is on fire, you are on fire, and the road is in hell.

Honestly speaking, it’s not an easy job to be a data analyst; it is not just a job, it is a duty which comes with great responsibility. If we look at this analogy, by cycling I mean that you only need to process the data. For the fire stage of the analogy, we have the quality of data. Data given to you is completely raw and unprocessed. And for the hell part, it's a huge amount of data to be processed; as a common person, not involved in data science, you cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of data a data analyst will go through in his or her lifetime.

What does a data analyst actually do?

A data analyst examines and processes raw data sets to produce meaningful conclusions with the help of experience, study and professionally designed software and applications.

The work not only revolves around analyzing data, but sometimes it also includes testing, creating and revising analytical models to help the organization to conclude results from your processed data more effectively. Detailed data analysis cannot start without the essential first step of collecting the data. These individual steps, combined together, outline the work of a data analyst.

How to be a Data Analyst?

It's a long process, which can take several years of studying, training, and experience. However, a positive point is that it doesn't require you to have a specific background, training, or experience; you can start your process of learning from this moment onward. You may find it difficult sometimes to work on your own, and therefore you may opt for a course or tutor. Believe me, in some cases this is the best path to become a data analyst. In recent years, there has been a sudden rise in platforms where you can learn data analytics. They are free in many cases, and normally easy to learn at a fast pace, benefiting you in every aspect.

Why should I become a Data Analyst?

Let's start with why you should not; this is not a job for the lazy, or people looking for the easy way out. For those of you willing to work on this, you can learn to be a data analyst for free, with no work or experience prerequisites as stated above. You may think that this path is overly difficult, but I will recommend to you to at least give it a try. The job of a data analyst is indeed difficult and full of challenges, but that's what life is about - facing and overcoming these challenges in life. You will have a privilege to stand apart from the rest of the world; you can proudly present yourself as a person who is busy in managing data instead of producing it, Also, a 6-digit, eyebrow-raising salary is enough to motivate you to face this challenge.

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