Job Responsibilities and Companies Deploying Data Analytics

Data analytics is a set of a qualitative and quantitative approaches used to extract valuable insight from all available historical and real-time data. The processes of data analytics include data extraction, categorization of data, analyzing hidden relations and patterns, and making profitable decisions.

All of today’s organizations are data-driven and focus on achieving profit through customer and marketing data. Data analytics try to make some sense of data in order to make it useful in profit making.

Renowned Companies using Data Analytics

There has been an increase in analytical technologies and tools in the market. Various tools are available for parsing of the data, data visualization tools, analytics tools, and programming languages. Many large and small companies are employing data analytics to remain competitive in the industry.

Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft use data analytics as their primary weapon in the war for customers. They cannot survive without data analytics.

Amazon uses data analytics to recommend customized and personalized products to individuals. This customized experience increases Amazon’s site visits. Go to Amazon and search for a particular product. Close their website and continue with your normal surfing. You will notice similar types of products to the ones you searched for on Amazon in the ad sections of various applications and websites. This is definitely because of data analytics.

Facebook uses data analytics to understand user interests. By doing this, they gain knowledge about the products and services that are trending online and are popular in the current market. Facebook uses its ad columns and pages effectively to make a better profit. Along with this, users get page and friend suggestions based on their analyzed interests and activities.

Google is considered a rich source of data. They support billions of searches each day, serving as the data-intensive organization on earth. Google has the maximum number of positions for data analysts each year.

Job Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Analyst

A data analyst studies data to find out important information on specific topics. For this, the data analyst creates a survey and finds the appropriate survey participants and collects information from them. The collected data is processed to improve its quality and presented in different formats like reports and charts. The collected data is also stored in warehouses for further reference.

Professionals looking for a career in data analytics must have a deep and clear knowledge of computer programs like Microsoft Access, SQL database, Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, and others. Good communication skills are also an essential requirement.

Data analysts need to communicate with different departments within the company and with different companies and individuals to be able to complete their responsibilities. Data analysts have to work with supervisors, clients, and managers in order to meet their business goals.

Primary Tasks of Data Analyst

A data analyst has to collect data, analyze it in various forms, and report it according to the customer’s needs

A data analyst should find different sources and types of data

A data analyst must improve the process of data collection, presentation, analysis, model building, and reporting

Data analyst must collect a listing of requirements from different stakeholders and address technical issues.

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