Essential Tips for Kids to Enjoy This Summer

by @seedlingschools
Essential Tips for Kids to Enjoy This Summer

Give Healthy Breakfast:

A healthy breakfast gives your kid more energy than lunch and dinner, so make them eat fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Reach for Water:

Make your kids drink more water than soda drinks, encourage your kids to drink ice water add a lemon or an orange to add some taste to it.

Pick Healthy Snacks:

While going to holiday trips pick healthy snacks for kids such as strawberries and bananas which satisfy sweet cravings.

Regular Exercise:

Exercise is good for your kid's health as well as it helps to improve your kid's brain and make them feel more confident in their schools.


Teach your kids to brush their teeth twice, as the night is the field time for germs in their teeth, so make it as a habit to brush their teeth every night.

Schedule a Dental Checkup:

Summer is the perfect time to schedule a dental checkup for your kids, regular dental checkup makes those little smiles bright.

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November 20, 2018
by @seedlingschools