January 5, 2021

clear covers can filling machine at one time

If you really open your plastic comb binding too far you willsend it flying across the room. 2. If you let the chip tray back up onyour comb binding machine, punching may become difficult and eventuallyyou can actually break the dies or the pressure bar on your combbinding machine. Be careful not to open your comb binding too far with your combopener. However,whether you have just recently purchased your first binding machine orhave been using comb binding for years, there are several simple tricksthat can make plastic comb-binding even easier. If you have an electric comb bindingmachine and it makes loud noises when it punches you are also probablypunching too much. Clear coversare very hard on binding machines and if you punch too many sheets atone time you can break your machine. This will help to ensurethat your pages turn freely.For larger books it is far easier to insert smaller sections onto yourplastic combs rather than trying to put the whole document on at once. If you cannot easily pull the handle on your machine you areprobably punching too many sheets. It is simple. Finally, it is important that you don't punch morethan 2 clear covers can filling machine at one time on any binding machine. Use this margin control to sethow far from the edge of the page the holes will be. 4. Separate your book into sections when inserting it onto your combs. For very smallplastic combs (3/16" or 1/4") you might want to adjust the margin sothe holes are closer to the edge of the paper.Using a comb binding machine really isn't thatdifficult. 5. Remember to use your margin control. However, many people open their combsjust a little bit too far making it more difficult than necessary toinsert their documents. For large sized plastic combs you mightwant to adjust the margin so that the holes are further from the edgeof the paper to prevent pages from easily ripping out of yourdocuments. Regularly empty your chip tray. Most comb binding machines havea margin control on the side of them. 3. Although yourbinding machine may be capable of punching more sheets, you can improveproductivity and preserve your machine by punching smaller amounts ofpaper. Here are a few thingsto remember: 1. Simply, punch your document, open the comb, place thedocument onto the fingers and close the binding. Be careful not too punch too many sheets at a time