Bandeau Bikinis A Hit In Top Designers Swimwear Collections

First the top designers of the entire world develop a sensation then the remainder folks follow. This year, most of the world's top fashion designers are like the bandeau bikini top inside their swimwear collections. They are giving bikini-wearers and beach goers a massive number of colors and prints to decide on from. Needless to say, each designer adopts his / her own personal vision to the style, but generally, the bandeau bikini top has hit a solid home run with women (and men) all around the world.


Veteran clothing designer Badgley Mischka offers solid colors, presenting a stylish choice for you if you want to steer far from bold statements. This approach works well if you are maneuvering to a beach party that will go on well in to the night. By the addition of an attractive sarong and some bold jewelry, you can make a new yet chic look. Another plus point for going with solid colors is that swimwear made with classic hues is often in fashion timelessly. Essentially, you should use this bikini for as long as you can keep it in good shape.

Kooey Swimwear Australia's line is just a unique, cultural-centric set of designs and colors featuring oranges, pinks, blues, purples and other jewel tones. The bandeau bikini top stands apart impeccably with such prints since they are nothing beats the usually available or typical swimwear. Using aboriginal patterns painted onto the bandeau bikini tops and the bottoms, the designer has established a distinctive look that's instantly recognizable. If you want to be at the height of trendy, this is actually the bandeau bikini to choose.

Miami designer Luli Fama showcases her versatile type of swimsuits, with a good portion of them bandeau bikinis. She lends her specialty by focusing on embellishments such as for instance charms, bows or metallic studs. The options of colors she's included in her line are stark purples, fuchsia and vivid red and black. This designer's style frequently is geared toward younger, college crowd, so if you're heading for Spring Break, a swimsuit you should consider is one like the ones in this line.

All styles of bandeau bikini tops and their corresponding bottoms are more often than not easily obtainable at retailers nationwide. Another popular venue to locate them is online on specialty swimwear retailer websites.