May 20, 2020

The ultimate SEO guide

Basis 1: Google ranks pages, not domains
Very important first basis:

Google ranks individual pages, not domains!

That means:

Google rates ALL pages on your website individually.

Each page of your website is therefore its own small unit that is individually evaluated by the search engine based on various criteria. One of these criteria is the domain name, which you can choose from

For you this means specifically:

Do not try to rank your domain, but always your individual pages
Each page should have its own title and meta description (and these should always be individual to avoid duplicate content - more on that below ...)
Each page should be a self-contained unit that deals with everything on the respective topic and is complete in itself
If you don't know what that means at one point or another - don't worry ...

Below I explain in detail what each point is about and how you can optimize it perfectly on your website.

Basis 2: One keyword per page
You should optimize for ONE keyword per page.

Not on 3. Not on 5. On ONE!

Many people make the mistake of trying to rank their page for multiple keywords. Not a bad idea in itself, but it doesn't work that way ...

After all, what happens if you try to rank for multiple keywords and correspondingly pave your content with multiple keywords?


You water down your content!

Not only will this be more uncomfortable for the visitor to read, it is also uncool for the search engine.

As a result, your text loses focus and the search engine will therefore not display it properly for either the one or the other keyword.

Therefore note:

Per page = focus on ONE keyword

The great thing about this approach:

As soon as you rank well for your FIRST keyword, you will automatically rank well for many other (relevant) keywords. Google is very good at assessing your content and putting it in front of the right target group ...

Basis 3: The better the user values, the higher your ranking
In later sections, I will go over and over again how important it is that your website is super attractive for your visitors ...

And by that I mean:

The title of your website is rock solid and irresistible
The description of your page is crystal clear and makes you click
Your website is well designed, easy to use and your user feels super comfortable on it
Why are all these things so important?

Very easily:

Because exactly THIS is what makes up your ranking today!

Forget links. Forget about keyword density. Forget all other tricks ...

If your content is MEGA-appealing to your visitors, then you can't help but rank extremely well for it!

Good content paired with the tips I will tell you below is what Google will display well today and in the future.

All right, so far as the basics ...

Then let's get started now and optimize your page so that it will soon be among the first # 3 search results.

What is the title?
The title is what is shown at the top of the browser when someone comes to your website. Small example of my "Learn meditation" blog article:

The title is determined by the title tag on your website. Most of the time, this title tag is automatically set by the software you use to create your website.

Why is the title so important?
The title is THE most important element on your website. Why? Because the search engine uses your title to read what your page is about.

So if your keyword for which you want to be found on Google is included in your title, then this is a good sign for the search engine that your page is relevant to it and will display it accordingly.

For example, if you google “learn meditation”, my website will appear in 1st place

Very important:

As you can see, the title is also shown directly in the search results! Accordingly, it should be meaningful and "attractive to the seeker" (more on that later ...)

But the title is not only displayed in the search results. Even if you share your page on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, the title is automatically adopted and displayed there

It will appear practically anywhere your page appears. Google will rate your page accordingly. And the searcher also decides very strongly on the basis of your title whether he clicks on your website or not. Your title should be optimized accordingly!

How to optimally design your title
Your title should be meaningful, offer added value for the searcher and contain your keyword!