November 24, 2018

Linken Sphere

3 facts you need to know about Facebook:

1) Facebook can sell millions of dollars a day for advertising (so you can earn as much)

2) Advertising on Facebook can be very cheap, at 1 cent per click

3) Work with advertising on Facebook - you get paid in dollars.

There are dozens of ways to get traffic on Facebook, we will use the latest developments to get advertising accounts on Facebook:

There are a variety of tasks that require you to quickly switch between a large number of account

s (including on social networks), and at the same time, avoiding fingerprinting and other tracking mechanisms is critical. Browser Linken Sphere, which we describe, is just one of these solutions.

The standard way to secure a lot of “personalities” is to accumulate more virtual machines and make the necessary changes to them. Usually, this has to be done manually, which is quite tiresome. Linken Sphere multi-threaded browser makes all this work unnecessary and allows you to be in different places at the same time, and also negates all attempts of antifraud systems to catch you and prevent you from switching freely between accounts.

How does this solution differ from other similar tools? Linken Sphere is based on Chromium and developed by a group of our information security specialists. The work is carried out directly with the source code of the engine, which allows you to completely get rid of the Google spyware code - the developers of “boxed” products usually do not. We do not just integrate extensions into a ready-made browser, but change its sources. Among other things, it gives additional flexibility and access to any functions.

The main advantages

What features of the program should pay attention?

The browser works in OTR-mode, which makes it the safest. Absolutely no traces of actions are stored on your computer, which will not allow even malicious programs accidentally on the machine to gain access to information.

The browser is deprived of any hidden connections to Google services, which cannot be achieved without changing its source code.

The browser encrypts all stored information using the AES-256 encryption standard. All data that is transmitted for storage to the server, are only encrypted fragments of hashes, which can only be read under your account.

The browser out of the box is equipped with everything needed to work with network connections: HTTP, SOCKS, SSH, TOR, TOR + SSH, Dynamic Socks.

The browser allows you to simultaneously work with different types of connections in multi-threaded mode.

The browser contains a built-in professional anti-detection, which is regularly updated and allows you to use all sorts of configurations of user agents, screen resolutions, language, time, geo-location and real-device impressions, changing them on the fly.

The browser stores fingerprints and cookies for each of the sessions, allowing you to work from one place with hundreds of “personalities” without the need to constantly switch between virtuals.

The browser contains a locally embedded licensed GeoIP2 MaxMind database, which allows you to configure the time and geo-location of the session with just a few clicks.

The browser has cloud-based session synchronization, that is, sessions can be easily transferred between team members.

The browser contains built-in intelligent tools that allow you to “warm up” the sites automatically (“Heater”). account manager

As you know, during pharming, there is a need to receive cookies before starting work with an account in order to reduce the likelihood that a fake user will be defined as a robot. The browser allows you to automate the process of switching between sites in order to collect such data, and does it in the background multi-streaming mode. You can independently configure the necessary for visiting the page, the depth of viewing and the time spent on the site. In addition, there is a possibility to set a timer so that this mechanism can be worked out precisely at that time interval when it is necessary.


What can be customized? Yes, almost everything that may be needed, and even more. The browser’s website contains extensive open documentation for the product, which describes all the features and settings. In short, for each individual session you can set up or uniquely the following parameters, which are paid attention to by the anti-fraud systems:

Canvas. This is an HTML5 element for displaying graphics, which is widely used to identify users by the characteristics of their video system.

Fonts. Another channel through which a user is defined is the fonts installed in the system.

Plugins. Plug-ins installed in the browser also act as a component of the overall print, since this parameter is quite individual.

Audiofingerprint. A relatively new technology that allows you to identify a computer by its audio system: a small audio file is played in the background, and an oscillogram is taken.

WebGL. This is a browser-based implementation of OpenGL, designed to work with three-dimensional graphics in the browser. Antifraud systems also successfully use it to assign fingerprints.

Geolocation. Determine the location of the user. This parameter can be used when performing sensitive operations: the antifraud may want to make sure that the physical address is the same as that determined by IP.

ClientRects. Identification method based on receiving hashes when scaling an image.

Ubercookies. Another imprint is a hash from ClientRects and Audiofingerprint and makes it possible to identify the device with high probability.

WebRTC (including device hashes). A technology that is used to directly connect a computer to media servers and allows you to get real IP bypassing the means of anonymizing the network address (including proxy and VPN). Microphones and cameras installed on a computer also have their own identifiers that need to be replaced.

CSS (resolution). One way to determine the actual resolution of a window using CSS technology.

Touch Emulation (allows you to emulate a touchscreen without showing a mouse). Even if you falsify the User Agent field so that the browser is defined as a mobile device, the anti-fraud system can still identify it by other attributes. In particular, it is very important to make sure that the mouse cursor is not displayed.

JS Navigator (including time, language and resolution). These are all basic browser settings that are transmitted along with basic information about the program used.

HTTP headers. Browser headers are one of the basic parameters by which the initial “familiarity” of the site with the browser takes place. And of course, they are included in the set of prints.

DNS (the ability to use your own DNS for each session). It is used to obtain the network address of the computer by the host name and in some cases requires special addresses.

Local IP. As a rule, the local address is a rather unique value, albeit in a narrow range. It is important to be able to change this value when working with a large number of accounts.

Work with sessions

Sessions can be called by their proper names, they can be assigned a color for better navigation, copied, transferred, cleaned - in general, do everything you need to work comfortably with them not only on one computer, but on as many machines as you need. Linken Sphere does not bind to the hardware, and any type of installer is available for download. So you can safely have a browser on different machines with different operating systems, working in turn with one login and password. In addition, thanks to the cloud, you don’t even have to physically transfer anything - it is enough to launch the browser on any machine with your username and password to access all the profiles you use.

The basic browser settings are configured either manually (for those who have a strong skill and a lot of time), or when choosing built-in or purchased impressions of real devices. The browser contains about 50,000 built-in free casts, but for certain tasks the best option would be to buy casts in the store. It is available for licenses from six months (PRO and PREMIUM). The purchase procedure is simple, plus there are filters by browser and OS. The purchased impression is automatically loaded directly into the browser.

As already mentioned, each session can have its own access to the network. The browser supports several common modes of operation:

No Proxy - use the main channel of the Internet;

Tor - using the Tor network to connect;

SSH - involves the use of SSH tunnels;

Tor + SSH - a combination of "Tor + tunnel";

HTTP - HTTPS proxy;

Dynamic socks - dynamic proxy;

Socks - Socks5 proxy.

Also, the browser provides an artificial drain WebRTC, which allows you to keep it on when working, but do not shine the real IP. Plus, it is possible to proxy the connection to the browser using the familiar Proxifier + Bitvise / Plink.

Another interesting feature is the touchscreen and gyro emulation (helps to simulate mobile devices), manual input emulation when copying text, and an automatic “walker” that can visit the necessary sites in the background. It, by the way, is noticeably refined from version to version and gradually became a very useful tool.

Who would benefit from the Linken Sphere?

More than 2000 people communicate on our channels in Telegram: Linken Sphere attracts people from various areas - from arbitration to bag-hunting. A considerable number of our users work with social networks, search and advertising. In general, you can use the capabilities of the browser in a variety of ways.

How it works

After payment on the site you get access to your personal account, where you need to replenish the balance before starting work. In the automatic mode, Bitcoin is accepted, but in the manual mode, Altcoins and WebMoney are also accepted. After the balance is replenished, you must select a tariff plan - there are three options: Light, PRO and Premium.

Light option - the most affordable, only $ 100 per month. But according to this tariff plan, the user gets only access to the browser without the possibility of buying configs (computer replicas that allow you to achieve rapid uniqueization and get rid of additional settings), while the other two tariffs give access to the so-called config and are more profitable in financial terms you plan to use the product for a long time.

So, I replenished the balance, paid the tariff - download the program. Options available for Windows, Mac and Linux. There is also a portable version. After installing the program, you must enter the login and password specified during registration on the site. Now everything is ready, go ahead!

By default, during startup and authorization, the program uses the Tor network to connect to the server in order not to light up the real IP of the user. This function can be disabled if desired, then the connection with the server to verify the license will be established using the native connection.

After starting the program, you will see a normal browser with an address bar. Linken Sphere is distinguished only by the presence of one important button - with it, further work will begin: Setup session provider. After clicking on it, we get to the “session” settings menu.

A session is, in essence, a browser in a browser — with its own settings for system parameters, headers, fingerprints, and cookies. That is, in one program you can store a huge number of accounts, each of which will go to the network with different data. Thanks to the support of multi-threading, you can work with many such accounts at the same time, which is incredibly convenient.


Linken Sphere is an interesting all-in-one solution that can really ease a lot of routine tasks. Of course, by itself, the browser can not be a panacea for possible problems in the work, but in the right hands it will be very useful. We communicate openly with our audience and in which case we can help with advice. The program is developing rapidly, and you can meet a lot of positive feedback on forums, including foreign ones.

In summary, we can safely recommend the browser to those who value their time and are willing to pay money for improving the efficiency of labor. If you are interested in our development, you can register here: Linken Sphere.(Promo code: LS_BSVTEQQL9J3E 5% discount)