October 29, 2020

Closed Beta Test: Update 0.4.10

In this version we took into account the numerous wishes of the players and are glad to present the following features:

New heroes

We're excited to announce two new heroes: Sarge and Midnight - indefatigable warriors from the opposing factions of the Legion and Heralds. After testing on the CBT server, heroes will be added to the public release.

Fights with friends

By popular demand, the Battle with a Friend mode has been added to the game! Choose the strongest heroes or fight on equal. Time to show all your friends who`s the real master of the Arena! Share a special message on socials — your friend will only have to copy the message and paste it into the code entry screen. Please note that the fight with a friend is only available to players from the same region.

Training mode

The long-awaited training mode is now in Shadow Fight Arena! Practice combinations and hone your skills in order to apply them on the Arena.

Jumping hits rework

We have changed the system of hits when jumping, and now the heroes have no choice between "light" and "heavy" jump. They are pre-configured and depend on the chosen hero. This change improves the sensitivity of hits (they can now be launched as a top hit, but using a joystick + kick combination).

Non-pick talents rework

We've reworked the odd tier talents. Now they give either "+5% physical damage and + 5% shadow damage" or "+15% armor". The change was made so that the strength of the heroes grows more smoothly with the level of progress.

Visual effects

We've added visual effects for jumps and falls, as well as animation when the hero is defeated, for example, from "wounds" and other effects that deal damage without hitting.

Various fixes and improvements

  • Ranged attacks no longer disappear at the edges of the location
  • Improved animations behavior when preparing to block

We continue working on each hero of the Arena. Here is a list of all the changes:


  • Fire no longer deals damage after the end of the round


  • Updated the design of the Emperor and the Shadow Beast


  • The "DANCING FOOL" talent no longer triggers inside paired moves
  • Fixed a bug where the hero could make 2 Triumphs in a row
  • Added names for special moves


  • Improved collisions of the "SHADOW BLAST" shadow move
  • "SHADOW SUPPRESSION" talent no longer affects Helga


  • Improved the behavior of the "SHINING DASHES"
  • Shadow energy burning out icon due to other hero mechanics is no longer displayed
  • Added names for special moves


  • Hits on Marcus's "UNSTOPPABLE WILL" talent are no longer considered as successful hits.

Jack Bulwark

  • Fixed a bug when the hero kept the visual effects of "SHADOW FORTRESS" when the ability had already expired

Shang the Monk

  • "SCOURGE ARROW" talent has been improved so that during Shang's ranged attack it would be easier for the opponent to roll.

We also decided to publish all balance changes separately, summarizing them in a single table for a good overview. Below you can see all the changes in detail: https://tinyurl.com/yygylu8r