August 5, 2020

Closed Beta Test: Update 0.3.1

Greetings, dear Players!

We try to constantly improve Shadow Fight Arena based on your feedback. In this new update, you will encounter these changes:

  • Improved network code. There will be fewer match suspensions due to connection issues
  • Optimization improved. Also now the graphics presets should be auto-chosen more correctly;
  • Location-specific soundtracks added;
  • Bugs that appeared when dodging the opponents ranged attacks fixed.

Now, let's check out the Hero changes in this update:


Currently, we are working on a full rework for Emperor. This update is the first step for this rework - balance changes:

  • Emperor's and Shadow Beast's physical damage is now equal (decreased Shadow beast`s damage)
  • Shadow Beast's health increased;
  • Shadow Beast's health now displays correctly: now Emperor and Shadow Beast have their own health bars
  • Shadow Beast's ranged attack cooldown increased;
  • Shadow Beast's shadow energy gain increased;
  • Shadow Beast's shadow abilities damage increased;
  • Health recovery decreased in the Shadow Beast form
  • "Beast's Lunge" and "Smell of Terror" talents now heal Emperor equal as Shadow Beast;
  • Shadow Beast's transformation explosion damage now recover its health;
  • Transformation explosion damage increased;
  • "Wild Explosion" talent damage increased;
  • "Shadow Immunity" effect is now stronger;
  • "Survival of the Fittest" talent now recovers 50% health.


We are also working on a full rework for Helga. This balance is a temporary measure to improve the gaming experience:

  • Attack damage rebalanced;
  • "Shield of Light" duration reduced;
  • "Shield of Light" duration given by "Shield of Lasting" talent reduced;
  • Health restored by "Shield of Healing" talent reduced;
  • Damage dealt by "Shield of Burning" talent reduced;
  • Bonus damage given by "Sword of Light" talent reduced;
  • "Explosion of Light" talent damage reduced;
  • "Smite" no longer triggers after Helga is defeated;
  • The visual effect of "Smite Shot" talent is fixed;


  • Physical damage reduced;
  • "Shadow harmony" effects partially rebalanced
  • Now "Light Refraction" invisibility is lost from any unblocked attack (regardless of "Kinetic shield" talent). Also visual effects improved
  • "Reflex" talent now triggers on any fall (not just from critical attacks);

Shang the Monk:

  • Physical damage reduced;
  • Now "Weak points" talent increases shadow power when Shang deals damage;
  • "Weak Points" talent shadow power gain is reduced;


  • Physical damage reduced;
  • "Shadow Excellence" talent shadow form duration is reduced;


  • "High Pain Tolerance" talent shadow defense is increased;


  • "Absolute Control" talent now also increases Marcus's damage for the duration of the talent;
  • "Healing Invincibility" talent now triggers correctly;

Yukka and Shade:

  • "Shade's Loyalty" talent reworked: now it triggers whenever Yukka falls (not just from critical hits) and it immediately recharges Shade's cooldown (instead of automatically launching Shade)
  • "Lucky Shade" talent reworked. It received a new name - "Sharpened claws" and its effect changed to "If Yukka successfully hits her opponent with a heavy attack - Shade's next attack will be critical".


  • "Shadow Burn" talent now doesn't trigger after your opponent is defeated;


  • "Never Surrender" talent now can't restore health past the 30% mark.