Closed Beta Test: Update 0.3.2

We welcome new players who have recently joined Shadow Fight Arena and thank you all for the great amount of feedback.
Dev team has prepared another pack of updates and heroes improvements, so let's not waste time and take a look at the new version.

We've received a lot of feedback concerning the performance of our game on your devices, so we've decided to add old graphics that you can choose to get higher frame rate.
We also managed to improve the camera capture for screens with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Talent balance
We've rebalanced all non-pick talents. Talents have been reworked so that the pace of the game grows more smoothly according to the heroes level up:

  • Swapped places on talent board for most heroes
  • +15% defense talents now give +20%
  • Level 13 talents now give +5% to all stats

Various fixes and improvements

  • Fixed tutorial bugs
  • Added notifiers that make it easier to navigate the game, as well as minor improvements to make it more convenient
  • Improved shadow energy gain logic. Now for power hits (for example, for Ling's "Slashing strike" or a Shang` hit with the talent "Weak points") you will get more shadow energy (proportionally with power)
  • Reduced damage from throws

Enough with general changes, so now let's talk about the work has been undertaken for each hero.


  • Minor visual effects fixes of the "Slashing strike" ability


  • Reworked the "Precise lunge" shadow move: now it is easier for the opponent to dodge it. Also, the visual effects of this move have been fixed.


  • Fixed visual effects of weapon traces
  • Reduced the chance to brake enemy blocks during the "Legionary luck" talent


  • Reduced the amount of health restored with the talent "Shadow respite"
  • Reduced Unbreakable period for common attacks
  • Added sound effects for the "Adrenalin" talent


  • Fixed the visual effect of the "Countdown" ability

Jack Bulwark

  • Reduced the amount of health restored with the talent "Fortress of healing"


  • Increased damage
  • Increased health


  • Increased ranged attack cooldown (for both Emperor and Shadow Beast)
  • Reduced the chance of breaking through block
  • Reduced damage
  • Reduced shadow damage
  • Fixed a bug when the talent "Smell of Terror" and Shadow Beast did not work properly together


  • Reduced damage of the "Shadow onslaught" ability
  • Reduced the damage of the "Fierce onslaught" talent
  • Reduced the chance of breaking through block with the "Unstoppable onslaught" talent
  • Minor glowing katana visual fixes