May 29, 2019

Shadow Fight Arena official announcement

Throughout the development of Shadow Fight 3 we played against each other a numerous rounds. We tested new weapon styles and diverse game mechanics. Somewhere along the way we realized, that the fights against a real opponent were delivering us a unique gaming experience.

From the very beginning players were asking us to give an opportunity to play with friends. So the time has come to make an official announcement of our new project. Its goal is to deliver you that actual experience, which was one of our main inspiration sources.

Shadow Fight: Arena is a mobile real-time PvP fighting game. And here are its main features:

• PvP battles in real time;

• An opportunity to defy your friends;

• Dozens of characters with unique abilities;

• An opportunity to play without having to connect to the Internet;

• Shadow Fight 3 bosses to choose and play;

• A full-fledged story campaign. Meet old characters and get to know their untold stories;

Our focus was to create that kind of characters which could deliver you a unique style of playing. You have to assemble a team of characters which possess a unique skill set. Have you ever dreamed of playing SF3 bosses and using their abilities? Now it’s your chance! Play against your friends and millions players around the world!

We plan to release the game not only on mobile devices but also on PCs and other platforms. So that’s the reason why we pay a huge attention to the visuals. We’d like to share the first official images of the game for you to grasp of the game’s appearance.

We’re fascinated to know what you think!