Update 1.19.0: Heralds' critical charges and four new titled sets!

by Shadow Fight universe news
Update 1.19.0: Heralds' critical charges and four new titled sets!

    Unique Heralds' critical charges

    Changes which were made to the Heralds develop an idea of ​​critical hits. Since there already do exist some special features for the other two factions, which distinguish the gameplay mechanics for each of them, the introduction of a unique Heralds' critical charges was an important task to perform en route to deepening their gameplay style. It has been planned for a long time and was one of the most expected innovation. Their new feature will also be about critical hits, but the mechanics will differ from current ones. How exactly? You will find out very soon!

    Four new titled sets

    As mentioned before we will gradually add new sets for various equipment. And here’s what you’ll get in the next update:

    • Spring Champion
      Blossom Festival’s equipment set (Sakura). Your shadow energy restores by itself: the closer your enemy is, the faster it recovers. Any shadow ability consumes it entirely.
    • Abdicator
      Legion armor set. After receiving deadly damage, you become invulnerable for 10 seconds, and your physical damage shall be doubled.
    • Star Chaser
      This one is for the Dynasty. If the player receives fatal damage equipped with it, he takes the shadow form fully charged with shadow energy and becomes invulnerable for 10 seconds.
    • Divine Judge
      This set is intended for Heralds. Three successful hits restore your shadow energy entirely, but it disappears after 3 seconds.

    We appreciate your comments and feedback. Be sure to share with us your opinions about the update, when it will be available on Google Play and App Store.

    The question is - when? The update will be released by the end of July.

    July 17, 2019
    by Shadow Fight universe news