September 19, 2018

About store prices, new modes and bots' behaviour.

There are some hot topics which are being discussed lately. So we'd like to highlight the topical issues and comment on them. Let's roll!

Q: Store prices are to damn high! I don't have that kind of resources! Who’s the target audience of those changes?

Store prices and different offers depend directly on your game progress and how good you are as a fighter. It literally means that you achieved good results in the game. That is why card prices could be a little higher than usual. So, in order to upgrade your gear further you have to spend more time and effort.

Q: Dynasty buff is a cool feature… in theory. The problem is that the bots attempt to block every combo chain in most cases. So there’s no chance for me to make a 3-hit slash chain. This also applies to the moments when bots are swapping. It happens all the time and is very annoying! Could you fix it?

We plan to change the opponent’s behavior in the near future. We are well aware that constant blocking is definitely not the best game experience the player could get. So the system shall be improved, no doubt.

Q: I lack some grinding in Shadow Fight 3. There’s a special mode in Shadow Fight 2 called “Survival” that fulfils this function. Are you planning to make a similar mode where I can keep myself busy while waiting for the events, side quests renewal and new chapters. And grind some additional resources, of course! Any news?

Yes! We’d say more. Those kind of activities are planned to be released this fall.

Q: Please tell me why the Dynasty buff made some weapons (e.g. sabers) a little SLOWER! Like, I’m playing for the Legion!

There were actually no changes made to the Dynasty swinging mechanics. The only thing we redid was the “Typhoon” super move. It has been made slightly more balanced.

Q: I entered the in-game store and was shocked by its range. 75% of throwing weapons! How so? Is that the randomizer working this way or?...

All the offers at the in-game store are directly proportional to the amount of resources owned by the player and also to his direct actions. If he was upgrading his armors and weapons a lot lately, then he will be offered to upgrade his throwing weapons, because other items are already of good quality. We’re currently thinking about how to improve this situation and make the card shop more useful.

That's all for today. Stay tuned and happy gaming, shadow fighters!