Chapter 7.2. The End or not yet?

Please note that the information in this article is only introductory in nature and there may be differences in the final version of this update.

Continuation of the seventh chapter and the final...

...which will answer many questions about the main plot of the game and the fate of some characters. Players will meet new, unique bosses and they will try out interesting mechanics, which has never happened before in any of our projects!

- But what's next? Is that all?
- No, the final of the main plot is not the end of the game, more information is provided below!

Alternative story or "Hard Mode"

After passing all seven chapters, the player is given the opportunity to get into a parallel world, where the story is different, while the level and strength of the character continue to raise.

Three different stories are planned in the "Hard Mode". At the time of the release of Chapter 7.2, only one story will be available - 45 plot fights.

A map layout with an alternative history. The final version may differ.

New equipment sets and unique abilities for them

With the release of the final of the seventh chapter, new sets for the legendary equipment will be available. Three legendary sets, each with its own unique ability. Which sets and abilities? Let's keep the intrigue. The answer will only be found out after this update is released.

Icons of future sets

- When will this update be out?
- This year, no sooner than mid-November ;)

Thank you for reading through, have a good weekend, fighters!