Shadow Fight 3 most relevant Q&A

When chapter 7.2 will be released?

A This year for sure. Furthermore, we plan to extend the story line through another game modes. We will definitely share with you some additional details in the near future.

Will there be any new hairstyles, hair colors and face types? We need a customization!

We also want to see a full customization mode in Shadow Fight 3. We’re discussing it at the moment and trying to figure out how to implement it into the game. There’s a chance it won’t make it, but we’re optimistic.

On what basis do you choose players to test the PvP mode?

The choice is based on your distance to the test server and the characteristics of the device you’re playing on.

The main story campaign will come to an end soon, so I’d like to know if there are any plans for adding new game activities besides new Events?

Yes, we do actually have some plans for new activities! We suggest you to keep an eye on the announcements.

When new Events will be out?

Not before we release chapter 7.2. We’ll add some new Events thereafter.

Will you add new weapon types into the game? And when will it happen?

The last weapon type will be released as a feature in conjunction with chapter 7.2. After that we plan to balance the fighting styles and to improve their animations. It will come in handy in the PvP mode. We'll also release some additional titled sets.

Will you fix the matchmaking?

Yup. Matchmaking fixes will be out in a couple of weeks.